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09-04-18, 01:27
Back at Xmas time I was traveling, and we had to squeeze the kids and us into hotel beds. I started to get a stiff arm when lifting. I have had trouble for the past few years lifting high (like changing a light bulb) with my left hand. This got worse on the trip. Long story short, over a week or so it got wrests I tried to get a new pillow. Finally a was reaching out, and beside my bicep something literally snapped. The arm got worse, and then it started snapping a lot. One day I didnít think, and tried to push myself up off the arm, and the whole arm gave way. We went to Disney and I went on a few rides and my arm got so bad that I couldnít raise it at all.
When we came home a week later I went to the Dr who thought it was frozen shoulder. I went to physio and did some exercises and it got a lot better but far from perfect. But I could raise it (slowly).
Anyway here we are, 3 months later, and it still isnít healed. And today I hurt my other arm..., and I am just fed up. I am scared I have AlS or MS and that it is effecting my muscles (scared because the other arm is now starting to show signs). Logically I donít think ALS would come on with an injury but .... maybe it caused the injury? I am also finding that I am so aware of my body and pain , which makes me notice everything. I do have a definite injury. I am going to the dr. I went to physio last week and he thinks my rotator cuff injury turned into frozen shoulder.

09-04-18, 01:36
Sorry you're having trouble but what you describe is a real physical issue, not something caused by some illness. Keep up with the physio and make the best of it. I have issues with the left side of my neck and shoulder... weakness, limited motion and strength due to surgery. Same deal... physio, exercise. You do what you have to do.

Positive thoughts

09-04-18, 02:07
You haven't described a single ALS symptom. ALS is not a disease of the muscles, it's a disease of the motor neurones. It doesn't cause snapping or stiffness. It doesn't get better with physio. The muscle simply cannot move anymore because it's not receiving any messages to do so. You have an injury, not ALS

09-04-18, 05:17
There is no such thing as getting better in ALS

09-04-18, 11:48
Thank you everyone.
Like Fishmanpa says, this is a real problem. I have had it now for a few months, and I think because it was 'real' I was ok with it (although I didn't like it). I think that was an appropriate response.

But now I am getting very worried and focused on it. And my other arm is also injured (although much more slightly). Truth be told, I was moving that arm around, testing in, when I pulled something (bicep I guess), which now hurts when I lift my arm up or move it around.

I know ALS is far fetched, but it could be arthritis, or something else. I am scared that it moved to the other side. I am scared that means I have week tendons.

I think I just need to deal with it. But I am venting now.

09-04-18, 11:52
My mum had a frozen shoulder and she still get pains 5 years later, she been for xrays and showed no signs of tumours. frozen shoulders are pretty common.

09-04-18, 13:13
It sounds like a mechanical injury. Nothing you have said sounds like a neurological condition or anything like it. Pain relief & physio are your friends. Try to relax. X