View Full Version : Is it possible to not gain weight on this med?

09-04-18, 16:57
I'm scared to try it. My doctor said if I get worse this may help. I just don't want to develop diabetes and gain a ton of weight. I do some form of exercise every day. Am I just definitely going to gain weight on this med?

09-04-18, 17:55

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09-04-18, 20:55
Nope. :)

If you consume the same amount of calories and continue exercising the way you are now, there shouldn't be any change to your weight, especially if the dose of Seroquel is low... which it most certainly will be seeing as you're not using it to treat a psychosis.

09-04-18, 21:53
Thanks, anna! Anyone else have experience with weight gain/ or no weight gain?

12-04-18, 10:34
I been on quetiapine 300mg about 2 years, I heard the stories of people putting on weight but I tried them anyway, best meds I been on for racing thoughts ever. And answer to your question is NO I have not put weight on , but I do get the feeling it would be easy too if not disaplined what I eat.

15-04-18, 16:40
Thank you mark clarke! Do you find it difficult to exercie on this med. meaning does it make you so sedated you cant exercise? Right now in am totally dependent on klonopin :-(