View Full Version : Question for those taking Ami for pain

10-04-18, 20:42
I've been on 10mg for a while and have just upped to 20mg tonight as not seen a difference in pain relief yet.
What dose were you on when you started to notice a difference in your level of pain?

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mary jane
01-06-18, 22:32
Hello, I am on this med for vulvodynia, a stupid disease, so stupid it exists to begin with .. anyway, I took this med twice, I had a remission from pain and a relapse.
It takes about 3 months ideally to see the effects, and should provide good pain relief starting with 30 mg onwards. This also depends on the individual. The second time I started it took only 5 weeks to work, as I forced myself to do more meditation, calm down my nervous system...
The side effects you get when you start wear off, so you may need to be very patient with it. Most people don't give this med a chance and come off it after a few weeks only so you may find some not very good reviews out there.
In my experience, Lyrica works much much faster than this one, they tend to have similar effects. However Lyrica causes some severe memory problems.