View Full Version : Seroquel for anxiety/physical symptoms

11-04-18, 07:04
I am currently taking neurontin and it is not working for my anxiety disorders. My nurse practitioner said that she would try seroquel next. I was curious if anyone who has OCD, and social anxiety has used seroquel affectively? On top of that, has it helped people in particular with racing thoughts, blushing, and sweating? Lastly, I have read mixed reviews on the medication. Is it safe to take long term if needed..I came across articles stating that it could cause diabetes. Thanks ahead of time

12-04-18, 09:11
It can cause diabetes and a number of other health issues if you're on a high dosage of it. However, if you're not using it to treat a psychosis, then you'll be on a lower dose of it and shouldn't suffer any ill-effects.
I take 50 mg of Seroquel for my panic attacks and anxiety. It helps me sleep and eliminates the nighttime panic attacks.

13-04-18, 02:46
thank you for your response ana! what type of anxiety symptoms did you have that seroquel has helped? Also, how long did it take to kick in, and did it have any negative start up affects/affects you're experiencing now?

13-04-18, 08:32
I suffer with depersonalisation a lot. My panic attacks manifest as feelings of unreality. :( I started by taking a half of a 25 mg tablet in the evenings and gradually worked up to 50 mg. I immediately felt calmer and more relaxed, about 45 mins after taking it for the first time. I think it took about a week for me to stop having nighttime panic attacks and to sleep through the night. I've never suffered any side-effects. :)

17-04-18, 02:39
well..she decided to put me on .5mg of risperdal twice once in the morning and once at night..along with 600mg 3 times a day of neurontin..guess we'll see how this works. anyone know the difference between risperal and seroquel..and if risperdal can be affective for the anxiety disorders I described above?

07-05-18, 16:44
I'm curious as to why she didn't try the seroquel? My doctor may add that on to my SSRI. Feeling so down that nothing is working....