View Full Version : Social Media Anxiety?

11-04-18, 19:04
Do any of you also suffer from what I personally call Social Media Anxiety?

Posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit or forums are nearly impossible to make. The fact that you are seeing this post is quite unlikely, in fact. Even in places where I am anonymous... what if people disagree with me, or judge my typos or sentence structure or appearance? :scared15:

Then I see some friends making a silly Instagram post in some ridiculous outfit taking a mirror selfie, and I enjoy the picture, but then I imagine myself taking a similar picture and going oh jeez, I'd never do that, that's embarrassing. Also, I can't like their picture. Because... I don't know. Maybe I don't want them to think I like everything, or nothing, or just some things. Ugh.

12-04-18, 15:10
I would agree Raindrops that's one of the reasons (and I have many why I will never use SM atall) my stress would go through the roof so you did the right thing imho :) ATB

12-04-18, 17:36
I personally think social media is one big pain in the backside. I don't go anywhere near it.