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13-04-18, 16:45

Does anyone have any tips on controlling the above?

I get hot sweats, the more i feel myself getting warm the more i panic!

I usually have to make excuse like going to the Wc for instance where i can try and calm down and wipe the sweat from my brow.

This is usually if a stranger or someone i don't know is talking to me about a particular interest, or about people i know.

I worry they are looking down on me and i shouldn't be there at a particular event or gathering.

I'm always worried i'm going tobe taken the wrong way, its putting me off my hobby and i get very anxious before these gatherings / events.

Sometimes i cancel and don't go at all and there's usually a great relief on my part.

I know i suffer with axiexty and this i just one of the things that stressers me out.

13-04-18, 20:59
Itís awful isnít it.

I think controlling your breathing is one of the biggest factors. You can find lots of tips for that on YouTube.

I always sit in an aisle or at the back. I always have mints & a tissue, and often a bottle of water. I stick with friends where possible.

But also, I think that the things Iím scared of arenít really that bad after all. What is it that worries you?

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14-04-18, 17:36
Hi Scass,

I think its a class thing if you like, I'm a working class chap and dont have a great education just normal main stream etc.

Just feel/worry sometimes people think im not good enough tobe there, And i'm not great thinking on my feet sorry worry if i get asked some questions for example "do yo know So an so" he is that bloke from lalala etc. I probably wouldn't know who there talking about.

Or if they make a joke and i wouldnt understand it, Silly i know.

At that point i would feel myself get warm under the collar, sweety palms etc, Then try and muddle through.

14-04-18, 19:43
I completely understand that. I hate feeling embarrassed- and conversations I donít understand and canít follow - embarrass me.

How about going forearmed with some subjects you do know about? Or some good questions? I find asking people about themselves is really helpful.

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15-04-18, 17:09
Thanks Scass,

Its usually car's meets i attend, within a Club.. so could be any random questions asked, I take your point tho thankyou :)

I will try have to try and push myself to socialise more i suppose but i really do find that tough :/

17-04-18, 18:25
Got a panic on now, completly forgot a friend had asked me out tonight for a catch up and Pint......

I've already had a bad day today with palps probably due to the funeral i had to attend.

Want to cancel tonight as ive got myself worked up, keep saying to myself "come on" pull yourself together... it will be fine... you will have a nice evening..

Tbh fed up with people not understanding my worries, most of the time i dont even think im stressing about stuff but when i look back its obvious. So tired right now.

Dont know why ive written the above, i thought it may help myself letting it all out....

19-04-18, 17:16
Hope all went ok mate, it's horrible isn't it feels as though it stops you from living your life properly and no one seems to understand what your going through.