View Full Version : Lowering dosage

14-04-18, 15:59
So I have been on 250mg for nearly 2 years now and have been pretty stable. I decided I wanted to lower my dosage and start the process of getting off them as I feel like a zombie half the time. I went to my doctors and she advised me to drop the dosage by 25mg each month. So this is my 14th that day Iíve been down to 225mg and for the last 5 days or so Iíve had this fuzzy constant mild anxiety at the top of my head. Iím thinking this might be side effects of me lowering the dosage but Iím also having thoughts thatís tell me Iím going to be unwell again?. Any advice would be great x

27-06-18, 22:26
How are you getting on with lowering your dose, Iím currently increasing mine! How did you get on increasing up to 200 when you did a few years ago?