View Full Version : Fear of rabies

24-04-18, 14:44
2 days ago when I was wandering around, I saw a group of kids playing a kitten, they choked it and threw it around. I kicked their asses and saved the kitten, I held it in my palm, it was so small and calmed, it wasn't aggressive and didn't bite or scratch or lick my palm. After releasing it, my panic attacked, the fear of rabies, I was bitten by a dog when I was very young, so holding a stray kitten... Wew I washed my hands immediately, everything gonna be ok, I thought: "you did good, nothing to worry". When I ve walked home, I occasionally looked my hands trying to find even a micrometre scratch, I knew it is really silly but wew, I couldn't help it :(. Yesterday when I was fixing my bathtub, I cut my hand, the fear reappeared, I know it sounds silly when you link 2 events together. Yes I came to my local vaccination station and of course the physician almost laughed her ass off and asked me to go back home, I told with my family and they did the same. I know the physician who treated thoudsand of cases in her carrer can not be more wrong than my dumb head :wacko:. But wew, thinking about the death of a rabies patient, the most painful death in the world... .