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29-04-18, 19:05
I went to my doctor & told her how I was feeling, she obviously asked me questions.. she said I have PTSD..I'm not sure it is that. I don't feel as though Im always thinking about things from my past.. though alot of the symptoms of it.. I have.

She thinks I may have ocd too & also thinks that's because of things from my past, like..
it's my "control" .. I'm bit of a clean freak but again.. I don't feel I have ocd.

Does anyone have ptsd but not especially always think of things from the past? Am I in denial thinking I'm fine?! Or should I go back & tell her I don't think it's that?

29-04-18, 20:51
maybe you should ask her why she thinks it is rather than telling her that you don't think it is..... she can probably see things in you that your brain can't at the minute

29-04-18, 23:32
I am a PTSD sufferer can't sleep flashbacks nightmares the whole lot all of is from the past things aswell

30-04-18, 09:07
PTSD based on what kind of trauma?

My partner suffers from severe PTSD, and it is an incredibly pervasive and deep condition. I'm not sure a GP is remotely qualified to diagnose such a condition. It's very different to anxiety. It would normally take a qualified therapist several sessions to diagnose.

02-05-18, 20:53
Sorry for the delayed reply, I only just see this.

Ermm.. there's a few things to be honest. I was seeing a therapist for a while last year but I didn't really like seeing her & I didn't feel it was helping so I stopped going.