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04-05-18, 03:19
Hi everyone,
I joined this site to discuss numb chin & to hopefully bring some positive stories to light (not only to ease my own fears, but for others in my shoes who are frantically searching the Internet for positive stories). Everything on the internet points to aggressive terminal cancer. I did find one lady who has had it off an on for years with no explanation - so there's hope! Let's find more. Apparently dental problems or neurological problems can also cause this condition.

Here are my questions to those who have experience numb chin:

1) Did youever find the reason for your numb chin. If so, what?
2) How long did it take for you to get a diagnoses?
3) What tests were done?
4) Did the numbness/tingling come & go or was it constant?
5) How long have you had this condition?

If there is anything else you feel should be included, please share!
Thank you!

04-05-18, 15:21
I'll answer my own questions to start:

No diagnoses yet.
Blood tests, dental x-ray & brain MRI came back clean.
Had numb chin for 3 weeks now.
Intermittent tingling.

Adding another question for you all:
6) do you have other symptoms?

My other symptoms:
Night sweats for months (im also nursing, so hopeful it's from that!) then the numb chin started 3 weeks ago, then other symptoms I had before started up again- tingling on right side of face, tingling down my toes, sciatica, migraines, fullness in right ear, pain in neck.