View Full Version : Can coming off Klonopin cause depersonalization?

06-05-18, 17:29
Hi everyone,

I posted in the DP boards but I wanted to post here as well. I was on Klonopin for about a month when my panic and anxiety was at its worst. My doctor didn't want me to be on it long-term, so she started tapering me. I was originally on .5mg twice a day, she had me go to just one .5mg a day for a week, and then I took my last pill on Wednesday.

Starting Friday, I have had terrible feelings of unreality along with some tingling and numbness. This has always been my most frightening anxiety symptom and I am terrified right now. I was doing really well, even as I was being tapered off - I have had so many big victories lately and I am devastated to be feeling this way again.

Could this be a side effect of not taking the Klonopin anymore, even though my dose wasn't very high? I don't want to go back on it, I just want to know if this is normal for coming off of it and if it will pass. I am going to call my doctor in the morning - trying really hard not to rush to the emergency room.

Thank you so much for any help, I really appreciate it right now.

11-05-18, 13:52
When you feel depersonalization is that like a feeling or dizziness or lightheadedness?

30-05-18, 18:06
If there has not been any other changes to medication or personal situation, except for reducing Klonopin dosage, then it is probably due to withdrawal.
One month consistently on 0.5mg twice a day may be enough for your body to develop some dependency. I suggest discussing with your doctor about slowing the weaning process.