View Full Version : obsessed with new guy living in a camper across street

09-05-18, 19:10
So, I have lived comfy for about 3 years in a suburb type place where everyone has some space. All of a sudden, the kind of redneck neighoburs across that i have always just avoided a bit and ignored the rare police attracting parties or loud reving motors as they only happened once in a while. I was happy to have a majority of the time quiet and minding my own buisness...

then dear old dad moved into a camper in the driveway and, interestingly i picked him up hitch hiking (wheni didn't know he was the guy that moved in) and he told me all about his heroin addiciton and depression. and how he is a new man.. well... what is my luck this is the guy living in the camper AGGG. he dumped all this on me when i was like.. nice day egh.. we are strangers please don't tell me your personal details anyways,

so he is there 24hrs a day hanging out around his new place and having company over at least 3-4 different people a day, he is starting to fix dirt biked and 4 wheelers and reving them up all day, i am so far avoided eye contact but his energy is now always present in my life around my pardice... interestingly there is some privacy around i can hide behind..

strangely my girlfriend thinks i am silly and that she barely noticies or cares, we live in a noisly subrurb that is a mix of farms and nature so ya, i know, it's uncomforatable, it's illegal to live in a camper, I feel like a total shatter of my happy place.

I can't move also, we bought this place.

What can i do to avoid this obsession ? I wish i could just be like others and live my life and ignore, maybe even have some compassion, or at least not worry, but i feal like he can overhear me in my home, sees me come and go,... all that and sorry but people with drug problems sometimes rob the neigbours ehg ?>

I have though of reporting it without givming my name to the city but I imagine they will just say nobody is living there, and that they will susupect me for calling although there is a few houses that are equal distance.

thanks everyone.