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11-05-18, 17:33
Is anyone on anafranil on this site, i have read all the threads but they are old and was wondering if anyone has any recent experience with this medication. I started 4 weeks ago on 10mg then upped to 20mg two weeks ago. Be really great if someone replied..........Nothing negative please, as we are all going through horrible times. Thank you :)

18-05-18, 14:31
Have been on anafranil starting at 10mg for two weeks, now on 20mg for the last three weeks. I have to go slow because I am sensitive to medication. I have had a couple of days where I felt pretty normal, then I got my period and now feel I have slipped back. I am probably being impatient and need to increase my dosage but is the fact that I have had a few good days mean that my medication is going to work and it's worth increasing? I hope this makes sense.
Thank you for your help :D

19-05-18, 04:48
Sounds good to me Zoe, but I don't know enough about Anafranil. I am on Sertraline which is an SSRI type anti-depressant. Having been on this before I know I get good and bad days until the drug builds up more in my body. When it's at full effect (after six weeks or so with me) I feel well most of the time. What does your GP think about your anafranil dose?

19-05-18, 08:58
Hi, thank you for replying. I have to talk to my psychiatrist this week to say how Iam feeling and any side effects still lingering. We are trying to find the right dosage. So I may go up to 30mg. Do you think having a couple of good days means this medication may work for me? I know it's still early days as I have only been on 20mg for three weeks now and this is a low dose.
I just really want this to work.

19-05-18, 12:37

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23-05-18, 23:55
Hello Zoe,
just wondering how the med is working for you? My doctor may want to try this one for my terrible anxiety and panic disorder.

24-05-18, 22:27
Sorry you aren't getting many replies! I wish someone would reply as I am too considering this medication.:unsure:

30-07-18, 17:11
Yes I am on it and have been on and off it for 23 years! To me it's a miracle drug and it's given me a life! It does take time to work though - I would say about 6 months. Any questions about it please feel free to ask!

30-07-18, 17:18
I have been on clomipramine for 23 years, off and on. I had terrible panic disorder and it has done wonders for me - not afraid of anything now! I'm on 100mg and have been for quite a while. I would warn that it does take time to work - it took me about 6 months to a year to feel really well, but in my experience you feel a gradual improvement up to that point.

31-07-18, 22:38
At last a reply, thank you.

Well itís been a ride but I can say this drug does work for me also.
Once passed the initial startup which is always difficult, then normalcy starts to kick in. Although I still donít like talking about in case I jinx it, guess that is just confidence yet to happen. X

31-07-18, 22:42
I totally agree with the gradually improvement, I notice a difference around the three week mark when I have increased. Then I realise, actually I don’t feel this or that and can’t remember when the particular symptom stopped.

Have been on this med for 3 months so far

25-09-18, 21:17
I am on 20mg and have been for a few years now, went down to 10mg over Summer but felt bad so went back to 20. I too am sensitive to meds but this past couple of weeks, I have been feeling really low and am going to 30mg with maybe another increase depending on how I feel in a few weeks. I have found this to be the one med that has helped me and so I hope it continues to do so. Keep me posted zoe01708 and we can support each other. :hugs:

25-09-18, 21:25
I tried 5 other meds - 4 ssri's (which made me ill) and lofepramine (which worked a little) until gp tried me on this 4 years ago. It works for me but everyone is different. It does give me yawning and constipation but on the whole it has kept me stable. Only on a low dose. I have gone very low and agitated this last two weeks though so going up to 30mg and then maybe higher if I need to as I hate feeling anxious and agitated, it makes me light headed panicky and tearful, so oping a higher dose will help and if it does I am happy to take it for life. Hate feeling like this. x

26-09-18, 08:23

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27-01-19, 21:42
Has anyone any updates on clomipramine. I have felt really bad for the last 2 months and have been on upped dose of 50mg for the last 3 weeks but with little improvement. Really struggling with what to do - go up, go down? Think that some of what I am going through is delayed grief so unsure what effect an AD will have on this? I am really struggling with morning anxiety which continues until late evening and crying at the drop of a hat.

19-03-19, 19:00
Dear Zoe,
Are you member of the Facebook group? I could really use talking to someone on Anafranil.

Thank you SO much in advance 🙏🏻

20-03-19, 00:07
Hi Maria1111 I am on clomipramine, just going up to 70mg and trying to get higher as I am going through a bad spell. If I can help you I will. You can private message if you don't want to message on this thread. Either was is fine by me. x

20-03-19, 06:30
Dear Purplepie,
Thank you 🙌🏻 6 days ago I was put on 75 Retard/extended release and Iím shaking badly and my anxiety is up. Did you experience this? It scares me.

20-03-19, 12:08
Hi Maria1111
Were you put on 75mg straight away? It may have been better to go up slower starting at 25mg but it I suppose that is between you and your Doc. My anxiety has been high in the last 3 months, so it is hard to say if the med is causing it to be any worse or if it just me?? I do tremble in a morning but not all day. I do have flushes and sweats though but again I am unsure if this is me or the med as it is a side effect. 6 days is not a long time at all as you have to give these tablets at least 4-6 weeks at a therapeutic level if not longer. What have you been put on it for maria1111?
Keep posting and we will do it together :hugs: