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18-05-18, 16:22

After seeing the same Gastroenterologist, who did my Colonoscopy and the Abdominal CT scan and dye / contrast in Dec last year, on Wednesday of this week he then arranged to do my Gastroscopy and fitted a monitoring chip inside my oesophagus this morning.

Apart from the masses of anxiety, and certain that this time it would be something so sinister (it has t be doesn't it..??!!) the results came back as fine. No inflammation, ulcers or anything else of concern. He took samples and tested for other things and those samples came back also fine.

The procedure itself, prep wise, was very easy, apart from me being very dry due to not being able to drink. I was too nervous to feel hungry. It was much easier than the prep for the colonoscopy anyway....!
The spray on the throat was a little worrying, hardly being able to swallow or have any feelings when it was applied. But it wasn't too unpleasant. The procedure was very quickly done, the longest point was fitting the monitoring chip to the inside of the food pipe.

I now have a small device with an aerial on the top, which will monitor and record over the next 48 hours the acid levels inside my oesophagus and we'll hand the device in to the hospital on Monday. I'll make an appointment with him again to see what he suggests would be useful to help with the reflux I have been experiencing.

Whilst the chip is in position I'm having to learn to eat in smaller mouthfuls, even doing that I am aware of it passing over the chip, it is slightly uncomfortable.

I reckon that it would be pointless having the procedure if you have acid reflux to not have the chip fitted.

All in all not as bad an experience as I imagined, then again I was more concerned about what would be found than the actual procedure itself. I was amazed at how quickly it was done.

Best wishes to those waiting for their own gastroscopy and it really isn't a big deal at all have one done - I can only say that now...!!! :)

I do understand just how the anxiety of needing to have one done is the most troublesome to deal with.

18-05-18, 18:17
Glad it all turned out well for you. It sounds like a good way to monitor the type of reflux. Now you can relax :)

Mine was fine too, then I had a barium swallow a month later, which showed minimal motility issues in the upper part of the oesophagus. This is largely due to having CFS (autoimmune condition) which is also responsible for the oesophageal spasms I get. It also causes me to burp a lot and have some reflux.

18-05-18, 19:55
Thanks, appreciate your comments.

I have been here many times before, at the point of a very fixed focused major health anxiety which has then exhausted a rather exhaustive series of tests and then feeling kinda good about myself and quite relieved.

If I could hold on to that feeling, without the doubting thoughts or another "condition" which takes over from the last and thus spiral the anxiety out of control.

I have some techniques learnt from my Mindfulness course to practise and hopefully it will not be too long before my next CBT sessions start.

I have just made another appointment as a fiollow up with the Gastro man to get the results from the acid monitoring on Weds of next week.

Do you manage your reflux without any meds.?