View Full Version : Nasal gastroscopy

19-05-18, 22:27
Hi has anyone had an nasal endscopy? I had one 4 years ago and I remember it not being to awful but tbh I'm guessing I can't remember lol but I'm very worried I have appointment Monday. Some positive stories would be good

19-05-18, 22:29
I have had one and it is really quick and fairly painless.

19-05-18, 22:39
Thank you Nichola ft your reply .. Don't know why I'm stressing I've had it before but everyone at like work and stuff keep telling me awful stories .. And I get scared to swallow anything too big incase I choke not even big anything probably normal size lol my husband calls me a baby bird because I spit food out sometimes

Sounds very gross lol xx

19-05-18, 22:41
They usually spray some numbing stuff up your nose first as well to help.

Good luck with it.