View Full Version : Endoscopy (via nose into stomach) very scared and very scared for results

20-05-18, 19:43
I have my endoscopy tomorrow via nose and into stomach. .. I'm very nervous to have it done even though it's not my first (had one 4 years ago) still very nervous to have it done ... And extremely worried about results .. Only think I'll sleep much I just hope it's okay. I've been having lots of different symptoms indegestion , acid reflux,hunger pains and stomach pains.ive had it over 9 weeks and omprezole etc hasn't helped

Just need to unload family don't get it.

20-05-18, 21:13
I get it. Mine is in 3 weeks.
This time tomorrow itíll be all over.
Try some calming techniques tonight to help you relax.
And please let us know how you get on x

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20-05-18, 21:26
I had one about a year ago, it was ok.
Are they going to put you to sleep?

20-05-18, 21:28
I defiantly will do, I had one four years ago and it was absolutely fine .. Through my nose and not mouth which gives me major panic .. And I jut closed my eyes and concentrated on breathing ... Hope it's as positive this time! So scared still xx

20-05-18, 23:27

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