View Full Version : Would clominiprine be a good choice for anxiety and panic disorder?

21-05-18, 16:18
I read a list of the side effects. My doctor may change me to this med if my current med Trintellix doesn't curb my anxiety. I am on a small dose of trinellix and so far it's okay. I am very tired though. I'm hoping this goes away with time. I have to really force myself to exercise. I know that i have OCD/obsessive thoughts, so i think this one may be good. Any positive stories about this one?

23-05-18, 23:52
No one?

25-09-18, 21:30
I would say give it a go, you can only try. It worked for me when others failed although I am only on 20mg, I am going to increase as I haven't felt great. I have been on it a few years now. Good luck, let me know how you get on.