View Full Version : How do I deal with PTSD alone?

27-05-18, 23:17
I was abused as a kid, I'm 22 now and I'm starting to get flash backs, memories etc and also feel like it's interfering with my relationships really badly. It's stopping me from sleeping at the moment. I cant talk to anyone about this at all. How do i deal with it alone? Especially just for tonight? Sorry for the lack of info I'm really tired.

28-05-18, 00:05
Hi buddy, try and think of other things, that's what I do, when I feel over whelmed I straight away try and think of other things, it's hard but it might work for you.

28-05-18, 12:04
I would recommend trying a website called Pandy's.


My partner was abused (a lot) as a child, and found the website extremely useful. PTSD is simply not the same as anxiety, and needs to be treated differently.

I would also approach your GP to start the ball rolling with counselling, with the ultimate goal being to see a therapist that specialises in PTSD. Diagnosis can be a little complicated due to variables in personal experience and resulting symptoms, but the help and resources are out there. My partner ended up seeing a specialist for nearly a year (even on the NHS) and it helped immensely.

28-05-18, 13:46
Thank you both so much! So glad your partner got help, ankietyjoe, that's awesome to hear. :) I'll check out the website. :) I've already been diagnosed so hopefully it won't be too complicated to get some therapy one day. :)