View Full Version : Celexa and Alprazolam?

01-06-18, 19:03
I have panic disorder anxiety as well as major depressive disorder so I just got on Celexa.
On week 4 so the mood swings and side effects are pretty hard core still.
Depression is coming in waves. I'm wanting to isolate and not talk to anyone which is frustrating, since I want to be outgoing and be happy living a normal life.
Tonight I'm going with my boyfriend to his student's showcase (he's an improv acting teacher for adults) and I get triggered and panicky around all the outgoing theatre people that know him and want to come talk to us because I'm an introvert, and then me being quiet and awkward and in my head makes things worse.
Is it okay to take alprazolam with celexa? I just need to get out of the house.
But I also don't want to be triggered into a depressive spiral because of my anxiety and intrusive, self abusive thoughts.

19-06-18, 02:27
I have just finished 18 days on Lexapro for anxiety. How long did it take your aniety to go away. I have Klonopin and take.25 intheam low dose so doesnít,t do much any advice