View Full Version : HIV Aids ANXIETY!! Please help!

09-06-18, 15:43
I underwent a medical screening test last month. The screening test is required for migrating to another country. So, the clinic is registered by the immigration of that country however the clinic was small and little dirty. I had my blood test too as part of the screening process. However, during the test I observed that even though he opened the syringe from the packaging but it seemed like it wasn't sealed. In addition to that the packaging and syringe looked kind of different from the ones I have seen in hospitals or other clinics. The vacuum tube which is used to collect blood also looked as if it was used before but I don't know. I think he might have disposed the syringe afterwards but I didn't notice. I am having anxiety whether that raised the chance of contracting hiv aids! Furthermore, I live in a developing nation so when I searched on google regarding a similar situation to mine I usually get answers in context of USA and developed nation. Please someone help me with this anxiety!

09-06-18, 16:01
You will be fine. Everything would have been sterile and you have not caught anything.

I think you are over-thinking all of this.

What help are you getting for your anxiety as that is the REAL problem?