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10-06-18, 01:29
Hi Everyone,
I have taken clonazepam .5mg (Generic for Klonopin) for years now and it has been by the same manufacturer Teva. I went to the pharmacy today and they told me that it was on back order. I was able to get clonazepam from another pharmacy but it is from a different manufacturer (Qualitest). Now I am worried it won't work right, or will have bad side effects, etc. Has anyone else been through this type of change? I am really nervous about this change so any advise would help.


10-06-18, 05:34
Don't sweat it :lac: Generic drugs go through an intense vetting system and have been thoroughly tested in the US. They may be a different shape, color or filler used but the active ingredients are still the same. Some claim they can notice a difference. I don't know :shrug: I guess if you're hyper-focused you may notice if your body reacts differently, faster, slower etc., but I've had at least three different manufacturers for all the different meds I have/had to take (BP, beta blocker, cholesterol, blood thinners etc. etc. etc.) and I've never noticed a difference :shrug: Even when I took Zoloft for some depression, the manufacturer changed (generic) a couple of times and I don't recall an issue.

Positive thoughts

10-06-18, 11:27
I've also had multiple generic and branded versions of my medications and felt no difference.

I think perhaps there is a very small minority of people who are particularly sensitive to small changes in the make up of their medication, or perhaps react to a filler ingredient that may be in one brand but not another. And of course some people's anxiety disorder pre-dispose their minds to manufacture physical sensations in their bodies as the result of an expectation of side effects.

With you taking a benzo, I think any of this would be highly unlikely anyway. I have only seen problems with a brand change reported for anti depressants.

Tommo x


10-06-18, 14:42

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31-07-18, 17:45
I am in that small minority that is so sensitive to med changes. I notice a difference in manufacturers. I was using clonazepam by Sandoz. It worked perfectly until they changed to a different manufacturer, which barely took the edges off my anxiety. I had to have my doctor write me a prescription for name brand klonopin only. It works better than the other one, but isn't perfect. I was also going through a really stressful time when they made the change so who knows what the real issue was/is.

I know I have anxiety-- that much I know!