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26-07-07, 21:52
Dear All
I ve had my med changed from imipramine (to treat my anxiety) to clomipramine ( to deal with my obsession) anyhow Ive been on the new tablets for three days and to be honesst i feel like crap. im tired& lethargic
i feel slightly drunk and spaced out. my tremor is terrible. Its really scaring me I hate feeling out of control like this. Im finding driving difficut - scary. Have any of you guys experienced this?? I feel really edgy. thoughts? God Iyd love a simple blinkered ordinary life!!

26-07-07, 21:58

Use the search facility or scroll down to the bottom on the page and you will see al the previous posts about this med.

Most meds make you feel worse before you get better - this is not unusual at all.