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16-06-18, 07:41
So I have this 8 year old cat who is orange and very sweet. A few days ago I noticed he was sneezing and my sister said he didnít look to well. He had a rabies vaccine when he was a kitten in 2009 and again in 2011 But was due for another booster. Well we were playing and he bit me softly on my arm and I noticed a little scratch. For the last 3 days heís been missing and Iím terrified he has rabies. He didnít show any strange behavior or anything.

16-06-18, 08:04
You might want to try google for help. I remember hearing that pet vaccines were actually good for a lot longer than the recommended schedule implies. The vaccine makers simply haven't tested to see how long the vaccines actually last. Google can maybe verify this.

You don't mention if you are in a rural or urban area. We have always lived in suburbia, and I have never seen a rabid anything in the 4 states we have lived in over the past 40 years. I don't think it's very common. It probably varies, though, according to where you live.

Plus, I've never heard of sneezing being a symptom of rabies.

All in all, I think the odds are near 100% that you are fine.

I'm so sorry your cat is missing. I am a pet owner and an animal lover. Our pets mean so much to us. Anything being out of order with them causes us a great deal of distress.

I hope your cat will come home soon feeling well, rabies free, and satisfied from the delightful mouse nest he discovered and had a hard time leaving. :hugs:

16-06-18, 13:54
Thank you I appreciate that and we actually live in a surbaban neighborhood .

16-06-18, 14:38
Hope he comes home soon :)

16-06-18, 17:03
Not 100% sure, but I thought rabies was only in saliva after the infection reached the animals brain.

I don't think you'd be "playing" with a rabid animal. It would already be acting weird.

Also... my dogs/cats/pets sneeze ALL OF THE TIME. My one dog does it a comically large amount of times whenever he sniffs a dusty corner.

If you're super worried, call your doctor and explain the situation. I've done this for a rabies worry in the past. My doctor was blunt and said no chance in my situation.

16-06-18, 18:45
If I went to the doctor they’d probably laugh at me because there was no reason to believe the cat was rabid. He looked sick but he acted like normal. He wasn’t acting strange or aggressive. When most people go down to the doctor to get the shots, it’s because a wild rabid animal bit them or their unvaccinated pet bites them. He’s due for a booster but has had the vaccine twice.