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29-06-18, 16:13
I'm so afraid to go the gym! But I really want to go!

01-07-18, 22:20
I go to the gym quite a bit and I can tell you no one cares or notices you. Everyone has their own thing to be getting on with and really they do not pay attention to the other people unless someone is evidently in some trouble.

03-07-18, 00:52
Just go - most places their is a mutal respect everyone has for each other in the gym. Sure dudes may look amazing and girls will look unreal. However, they all started somewhere and they are just people.

I am not a huge guy at all, I joined and it was abit intimidating. Though I have seen results and felt good with myself and you soon forget there are people around you. As you are so focused on yourself.


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03-07-18, 11:52
The question is WHY are you afraid?

Is it actual social anxiety, agoraphobia, do you fear being ridiculed, are you afraid of physical sensations of exercise?

03-07-18, 12:09
Kratos - my local gym chain is a nightmare for me but a bit further away is a high school gym that opens to the public on weekends. Much quieter and less overwhelming in all respects. Still trying to get courage to go but a lot less overwhelming.