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17-07-18, 20:18
Hey guys,

I thought I would seek some advice on here regarding job interviews. I am currently looking for work and I am finding that my anxiety is really holding me back in my search for a new job. Over the past few weeks I have been invited to several interviews but I tend to get very bad anxiety and nerves in the build up to these. This has led to me either completely underperforming in these interviews or sometimes just feeling so anxious that i don't even attend. I have more interviews coming up and I was just wondering If anybody has gone through the same thing and has any tips or advice on the best ways to try and overcome this? I really want/need a job right now so any feedback would be massively appreciated.

Thanks :)

17-07-18, 22:14
It’s great that you’ve got interviews in the first place, you’re obviously very good “on paper” at least!

I found that being as practiced as possible helps. I borrowed lots of books on interview techniques and questions from the library - you can browse online too, but I like having a book in front of me & making notes!
Then I practiced answering the most common interview questions - like “tell me about yourself” etc, over and over so that I could reel it off.

Once you are confident with what you’re going to say then the rest is pretty standard relaxation techniques and common sense.

Be prepared, get your outfit washed & ready. Rehearse the route there so you’re on time and not flustered.
Learn about breathing techniques and muscle tensing/relaxing. Things that you can do peacefully and in your head.

I think once you’ve done your research and know what you’re going to say then you’re almost there.

On my last interview I got my make-up done professionally the day before and bought a new lipstick - I credit that lipstick for getting me the job!

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28-07-18, 09:29
A game changer for me was remembering that I am interviewing them too. That alleviated a lot of pressure. You are deciding if they are a good fit for you too, so it's not all on you. ��

Emilie Turner
13-10-18, 10:57
I also have the same problem. Every interview is a new mission for me. But you need to understand that it is just an interview, not a death penalty))

23-10-18, 03:15
Follow Scass's advice and you won't go far wrong. Anything to make the process a little less stressful helps - having everything ready, clothes sorted, research done, route rehearsed with time added on in case of heavy traffic or buses being late etc. If it doesn't go well, try to learn from the experience - why did it go wrong? What could I do better next time? I've had some horrendous experiences, but have just looked on them as practices and moved on. Sometimes things just go well because the people interviewing you are on the same wavelength and you can never predict when that will happen.