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20-04-03, 00:08
I am not sure - I was on 3 different anti-depressants and found I felt no better. I stopped taking them and although I felt worse for a couple of weeks I did not feel they helped. What are your experiences?

26-04-03, 01:29
I found them to be a complete and utter waste of time I felt no different wether I was taking them or not!

01-05-03, 17:11
Hi all - I am currently on Citroplam (10mg) and have decided, together with my G.P, to gradually come off these tablets after 9 months! At the beginning I was having regular panic attacks - felt very unwell at times - it was a truly difficult time! I therefore decided to speak to my G.P about appropriate medication. I felt better after 3-4 weeks, not having as many panic attacks and WITH TIME began to gradually get my 'sparkle' back.

As I have stated, I aim to come off these tablets, and maybe that will be the real test. However, I now accept that panic attacks are something I can control, with breathing correctly. I do not fear them anymore, as I did in the beginning. I control them....... not the other way around!

I will keep you posted

Jo xxxxx

02-05-03, 09:05
Well done matey:) you'll get there:)

All the best with it and keep us posted:)


Magic Boots
02-06-03, 13:13
I have been perscribed Cipralex which doesn't seem to help at all, i was perscribed it before i was getting married the only thing it did was give me involunatry muscle spasms so i have come off it. The only thing that does seem to work is Propananol, it still doesn't help me in social situations but for meetings etc it helps.

10-06-03, 16:24
Hello to you all - I think you have to 'speak as you find' with medication! I was lucky I guess because my first attempt with medication (cipramil 10mg), really did help. Alongside medication, however, I believe you need to partake in therapy or counselling, to 'iron out' and highlight the real cause of your panic/anxiety! I will be attending an 'anxiety management course' on 17th June 2003, in conjunction with my tablets. I will keep you posted.

Jo (2)


20-08-03, 03:41
hey members im a 26 yr old female my phychiatrist prescribed me pamelor and im too nervous to take it,because i had a bad reaction from zoloft soem one out there that has maybe taken pamelor let me know how it works for you ...thank you! Lynn

lynn hughes

20-08-03, 10:08

I was prescribed anti depressants at first, but had a bad reaction to them and never took them again..... I am currentley taking beta blockers (Propananol) 40mg once a day and have been for 6 months. it took about 4 weeks for the tablets to kick in and start working properley. I take the tablet first thing in the morning and it seems to help me through the day, although i do have "moments" when out and about, but nothing compared to a year ago. So i think these tablets have helped me alot.

Take care

Robert Flyde