View Full Version : Paroxetine going well.

04-08-07, 20:37
Hi All,

I have recently been prescribed Paroxetine as I tried another SSRI and my anxiety was too great after just one day. However, this new drug has really calmed me down. My mind is searching for something to worry about but I can't find anything. Its been 8 days, and I felt better probably on day 6 when I had snippets of normality in my day which felt strange as I have been so anxious for so long.

I also went for a session with a Psychiatrist on Friday and he said I have GAD and has recommended some CBT sessions which I should start in the next few weeks. I wasn't sure if me feeling better all coincided with my appointment on Friday or if it is the new medication? Anyway, feeling good and posotive for now.

I will keep you posted, if anyone else has had any posotive experience with this drug can you let me know please.


05-08-07, 09:31
good luck with it george, sounds just the ticket !

05-08-07, 14:34
Hi George,

I'm also on this med and along with counseling it has helped me tremendously with my anxiety. Good luck!