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30-12-04, 16:36
I've been suffering from depression and anxiety for 5 months now and am currently on antidepressants, but i was told today that i would be being referred to see a neurologist to have a CT scan to rule out anything being wrong with me in my head such as MS, parkinsons etc.

Is this is a normal thing to do as i am really worried now that i may have something bad wrong with me or something.

I hope they don't find anything wrong with me in that way.


30-12-04, 18:23
If you've been complaining of excess of headaches, dizziness, numbness etc eventually your GP will refer you on just to rule out anything else untoward.

Its not a cause for concern in itself... most people complain that their GP won't refer them on..

Expect a good wait before having it .


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30-12-04, 18:36
I was referred to a neurologist because of I was feeling dizzy all the time. I now know that it was the anxiety but they checked me out anyway and all was fine.

It is good that the doctor is doing this cos it will put your mind at ease about all those sorts of things.

Let us know when you go and how you get on.


31-12-04, 10:55
I was referred to a neurologist as well as the docs all thought that I was epileptic. The results all came back ok. It's just the doc's way of ruling things out so don't worry!! Good luck!!

Sarah :D

05-02-10, 20:19
Well my sleep clinic doctor tells me that evenn though my sleep apnoea has improved, as I am not waking up gasping for breath, they have too decided to refer me to see a Neurologist as the clinic doctor thinks I may have some low level Narcolepsy.
My GP has now agreed to write to the Neurology dept for their help in a possible diagnosis of CFS, my GP has said she's done this cause with me having sleep apnoea and diabetes and GAD that all can make one fatigued, but lots of my other tests have been coming back clear and so she's thinking CFS as a root cause.
But my GP has assured me that of all hospital doctors, neurologists are the least invasive of the lot..YIPPEEE