View Full Version : endoscopy nightmare

10-08-07, 19:22
so went for my endoscopy wednesday and decided not to be sedated, big mistake they had to stop halfway through cos my heart rate shot up to 160bpm, not kidding although i felt fine and told him to carry on he wasnt prepared to put me at risk, and he didnt no wether it was safe to sedate me because of the arrythmia they picked up on my holter monitor, so now i have to wait and see my cardiologist to ask him thing is hes on holiday. anyway ive got my hospital appointment on the 23rd of august im having a reveal device fitted under my skin that will record my heart constantly for 18 months so gunna ask cardiologist then about the sedation, cant wait to have this done (joking absolutely crapping my self) anyway wish me luck.:yesyes:

11-08-07, 00:35
Best of luck sy:yesyes: :yesyes: :yesyes:

Luv Kaz x x x

12-08-07, 20:28
I hope you are able to get it done and get it over with. I understand what you are going through though. I had one done 3 years ago and I am scheduled for another in 2 weeks. Will be glad to have it, but glad to have it over also. :)