View Full Version : Clomipramine Increase?

20-07-18, 14:09
Hi :)

3 1/2 months ago I started to take clomipramine against GAD, agoraphobia and panic attacks. Clomi helps against anxiety, unlike other AD. But I'm still not well. I take 150mg. Unfortunately, it does not seem completely against my axiety and panic attacks and I have only slight. Makes an increase to 200mg sense or can I expect no stronger effect anymore?

30-07-18, 17:21
In my experience clomipramine takes time to make you feel really well - for me it took 6 months to a year. So maybe just give it some time...

27-08-18, 15:17
Thank you very much.

25-09-18, 21:11
Hi Pummeluff
I am on a low dose (20mg) of clompramine and it was just about keeping me well. However I have been feeling low and anxious again and so I am going to up my dose and see how I go. How do you find such a high dose? Do you have side effects?
I do find clomipramine helpful.