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27-07-18, 19:24
Hi everyone, Iím new to the site but familiar with it. I recently started a new job, I canít say where I work, letís just say a big fruit shop.

I used to work in a big arts and crafts store, and i wasnt making much money there, my brother helped me get a job at his company.

These past few days have been hard, new environment, new co workers, new system, and a different type of customer. I have bad anxiety but ive managed to work retail since 2016, which i think is an achievement personally.

My brother is a bit more confident than me, i know i couldnt stay at my
Old job forever, there was no progression. But i cant help but miss it, and the people. Iím a pretty young guy btw, i should have mentioned.

Anyway, anyone who works retail or hospitality or anything customer related. How do you cope with difficult customers? I really want to know cause im expecting a few with this job. I had difficult customers in my last job, but i wouod like to be able to cope in my new job instead of running to management.

Any tips? Thank you.

Forgive any typos, im typing on an iphone.

28-07-18, 08:31
Anyone have any tips? :(

28-07-18, 09:14
Hey there 😊

As someone who has been in customer service for over 15 years, I hope I can help. Lol!

I spent the last 10 years in Quality Assurance and have experienced and heard the best and worst of interactions. The way I deal with difficult customers is this...

Don't take it personally. They aren't mad at you.
Empathize. Put yourself in their shoes. Let them know you're on their side.
Assure them of your ability to help and resolve the issue. This will help you feel more confident in the process.
Smile! But not in a creepy way. 😂 Be appropriate for the interaction. Be yourself and try to be genuine.
Know that you can't please everyone.

I hope this helps! Congrats!

28-07-18, 14:49
Excellent advice from Ginaree,
I work in a supermarket and yes you do get difficult customers, I think sometimes the public forget that even though we work at the place we're still humans with feelings.

29-07-18, 04:32
I've worked in customer service for years and you do get more confident the longer you are in it and that helps a lot. Over time you get to know what makes people tick. Listen to what is being said and give them your full attention. Most reasonable people will accept when you are genuinely trying to help them and act accordingly, even if you are new to the job. If you can't help them reassure them that you will get someone who can. Everyone is new at some stage and reasonable people understand that. Really awkward people are usually awkward wherever they go (it's not personal) and all you can do is try to help them and do your best even if they are totally unreasonable. I find having a good old moan about them afterwards with colleagues helps (though not in front of any customers, best done in private in the staff room or whatever!). Some folk are just trouble wherever they go. They create misery for whoever has to deal with them and it's not anyone elses fault!!!!! They are in the minority thankfully.

29-07-18, 23:16
This is all good advice, I ended up redacting my notice from my previous job, but I'm still going to try and make the new job work. :)

30-07-18, 09:09
Thanks for the update!

07-11-18, 14:13
Go to any sport. This will help to become more confident.