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05-01-05, 17:06
I was just wondering whether vitamins A-Z will benefit as i saw something in the chemist today it had all the vitamins but not that much of each but also contains, iron, magnesium and afew other minerals, could you take this with a vitamin b complex as well? or would that be too many vitamins to take? as i said in an earlier post i would ideally like to take a good vitamin b complex once a day as well as 3 capsules of pure EPA and maybe this lot of vitamins and minerals as well.

If anyone wants to know a place where you can get pure EPA capsules that are better as they contain no DHA then goto.


Take care people.

Andrew :D

05-01-05, 17:35
Hi Andrew,

Providing you are eating reasonably well and a balanced then its probably unnecessary unless you are totally wiped out and completely exhausted 24/7 in which case a liquid total vitamin // mineral supplement such as


would do the trick - just for 1-2 months until you replenish your own internal stocks.

Thanks for the link


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05-01-05, 18:08
Thanks for your reply meg i was looking at something on www.questvitmains.co.uk and looked at a super once a day timed release that is supposed to be good for energy levels as mine are very low at the moment, maybe i could try them and a vitamin B complex, EPA fish oil as well as my antidepressant Cipralex mind you i dont want to overdose myself lol, so i have to be careful what i take but i would like to try taking all 4 of them every day from next week.

Thanks again.

Andrew :D

05-01-05, 18:41
They certainly won't harm you and Quest are a good brand - check if they do they do a liquid version as that gets absorbed much better especially when you're under stress and everything in the guts gets pushed along a bit quicker due to the adrenalin and cortisol.

Also check how much B it has in it - so you're not overdoing that one.

How are you doing in yourself ?


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05-01-05, 18:50
Im just tired alot of the time and cant stay awake as long as i used to be able to and i dont feel with it like spaced out.

The one a day timed release has about 25-35mg of all vitamin B's in it and the vitamin b complex on there that i might take as well has around 50mg of all the B vitamin's so i would be taking around 75mg a day of all B vitamins.

Ive been back to the doc's very recently and they have upped my cipralex from 10mg to the max dose of 20mg, but i had a terrible xmas and had loads of rows with my dad as we dont really get on and when i came back home i felt 20 times worse and cant seem to shake it off.


05-01-05, 18:56
Actually i have just looked at this you can check it out at

It is a multinutrient containing the Vitamin B Complex.

This is what it contains:-

Alpha Carotene 90 g 0
Beta Carotene 6 mg 0
Betaine HCl 12 mg 0
Bioflavonoids 29 mg 0
Biotin 0 mg 33
Calcium 158 mg 20
Choline Bitartrate 50 mg 0
Chromium 25 g 0
Copper 1 mg 0
Cryptoxanthin 21 g 0
Cysteine 1 mg 0
Folic Acid 200 g 100
Hesperidin 10 mg 0
Inositol 50 mg 0
Iodine 100 g 67
Iron 15 mg 107
Lecithin 100 mg 0
Lutein 14 g 0
Lysine HCl 22 mg 0
Magnesium 60 mg 20
Manganese 1 mg 0
Methionine * 50 mg 0
Molybdenum 25 g 0
Niacin (B3) 50 mg 278
PABA 50 mg 0
Pantothenic Acid 50 mg 833
Papain (6000 USP Units/g) 2 mg 0
Phosphorus 91 mg 11
Riboflavin (B2) 50 mg 3125
Rutin 2 mg 0
Selenium 32 g 0
Thiamin (B1) 39 mg 2786
Vanadium 25 g 0
Vitamin A 750 g 94
Vitamin B12 50 g 5000
Vitamin B6 41 mg 2050
Vitamin C 150 mg 250
Vitamin D 10 g 200
Vitamin E (50iu) 34 mg 340
Zeaxanthin 18 g 0
Zinc 10 mg 6

Is this enough Vitamin B or would i need more?

Thanks again

Andrew :D

05-01-05, 19:38
This is ok for Vit B and a good all over supplement.

Don't take any more B as well as another 50 would be too much.

The spaced out bit is likely to be anxiety/ medication and / or sugar control.

I had a look back for your introductory post but can't find one. I don't know enough about your history and run up to where you are now to comment further as to symptoms and how you're doing.

Sorry you didn't have a great Christmas and are suffering the after effects of it still.

Hope the supplement helps you.


You cannot conquer fear until you have learned what it is you're afraid of. The enemy is ignorance. Vivian Vance

11-05-05, 10:00
I was just wondering why it is useful to take a fish oil supplement when suffering from anxiety? Also, is the one mentioned in the link above the best one to take?
K x x

11-05-05, 10:49
Hi Kiki, at the moment i'm reading called "Healing Without Freud or Prozac" it is a very good book, and one of the main things recommended is EPA fish oil. I went to Holland and Barrett and unfortunately they didnt have as high strength as I would have liked but I decided to give them a try. I've only been taking them two days (three times a day) but I haven't had any symptoms at all!!!

11-05-05, 14:53
The one in the link above is good when you're really anxious and having trouble eating as it's a liquid which makes it easier for your body to absorb.
There are several on the market, any will do

If you're better overall then a tablet one will be fine.

Places to check out

www. questvitamins.co.uk


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05-01-12, 00:11
I take multivitamins. Minerals in foods are best but if you need to take pills, they are best taken with food to help absorption. I subscribe to this idea, and believe the chelated minerals are nonsense. The zinc I would take 20mg or less as it can start messing with copper in your body. Even 5mg is fine.

The things I hope to affect most are hearing and fibromyalgia, all of which applies to me, and to people over 50. Our hearing may go due to lower minerals of older people.

07-01-12, 13:11
Researched the science literature, I have access. There is speculation that zinc would help individuals that do not respond to antianxiety drugs, boosting the drug effect. The zinc alone effect was only tested with central american school children once. It did not ADD but did have other mood effects.

Magnesium is also clained, there is a book on magnesium and anxiety. Magnesium at 1000 mg a day poses no risk anyway.

07-01-12, 22:19
Also, if you are vegetarian, get your zinc from almonds and cashews, the rest of us get some from meat.