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15-08-18, 13:30
I have always suffered with GAD, but after the birth of my daughter last year, I am now terrified of getting pregnant again. In a nutshell, she was born with Down syndrome, which isnít the issue, but her health complications in utero caused me to have a very traumatic birth experience where my life was in danger. She was born in Nov and my cycles resumed in February. As soon as they did, I started freaking out every single month about becoming pregnant again. Even though I wasnít engaging in anything risky with hubby. In April he had a vasectomy and in July got the ďall clearĒ. But also in July I had a very light period, and since then, Iíve been anxious every day that I somehow I got pregnant before his test. Mind you, we diligently used condoms without any accidents till the doctor gave him the green light, so theoretically, pregnancy is practically impossible. Also, Iíve had zero pregnancy symptoms! Which is why all this feels so nuts :( And please donít suggest I take a test. I donít even think that would ease my mind, but rather play into the obsession. Anyway, next cycle coming soon, and Iím already convinced it wonít come and Iíll find out Iím pregnant. This seems so ridiculous to even type, but the fear feels so real. So Iím reaching out to this board for some support. Youíve helped me in the past, Iím hoping someone on here can simply understand what Iím feeling and offer me a shoulder :(

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16-01-19, 16:20
I know this is kind of old, but just wanted to say I totally understand you. My pregnancy and birth weren't especially traumatic, but my postpartum anxiety was paralyzing and so the idea of getting pregnant again/having another baby scares the crap out of me. It's to the point that it's affecting my sex life because I'm so scared. I totally understand where you're coming from. <3