View Full Version : What's your experience with Amitriptyline for anxiety?

28-08-18, 17:20
Still have my prescription of this. Have been hitting rock hard lows at the moment due to anxiety. What's your experience with this drug for anxiety?

01-09-18, 21:51
Hi there,

4 days on 50 mg of this and it stopped all anxiety dead cold. It was amazing! Unfortunately I developed postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and had to be taken off of it, but I'm thinking about trying 25 mg for a few days. Maybe the lower dose will still kill the anxiety without causing the tachy, or at least I'm hoping. It is one of the only drugs that have stopped my physical anxiety dead in its tracks, and fast!

05-09-18, 14:41
Hi, I am on nortriptyline 75mgs for severe anxiety and depression. I have been on it for 25 days. Sounds like Amitriptyline kicked in fast for you. My pulse rate has gone up 15 bpm and constipation,. They say it takes a long time to work. I had an ekg which showed no problems and just had a blood test to see if the levels of nortriptyline were good you can also do this with Amitriptyline.

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Nortriptyline is the cleaner version of Amitriptyline 2nd generation and has less side effects

05-09-18, 19:00
I have been taking amitriptyline 10mg one at night for back pain.
For me the back pain has not improved but they help with sleep and I feel less agitated in the day time. Going to ask about the side effects (dry mouth) GP appointment next week.

05-09-18, 20:46
You'll be lucky not to get constipation, Magic. You can go up to 50- 75mg daily for pain management. It's a different dosage regime for anxiety/depression.

The GPs don't tell you much about side effects other than dry mouth.

06-09-18, 18:28
I do get constipated (Laxido sachets) pulisa because I take co-codamol for pain too.
I am taking aspirin. so have to be careful.
I did not go to see GP to ask about dry mouth.
I had a review with GP. which was way overdue. and Blood tests, and I was asked to go to the surgery next week to discus the outcome.

Just given my experience of amitriptyline to Patrick.