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14-09-18, 10:55
I just found out that my dad needs an endoscopy but no-one's told me what it's for. I googled it and nearly every result that came up was from cancer information sites... Are they only used to diagnose life-threatening conditions? What are the chances that it is something serious? I'm really freaking out.

14-09-18, 12:02
An endoscopy is usually to diagnose upper gastrointestinal issues. So mine was to diagnose why Id been getting heartburn regularly.

Googling never really gives you gentle answers. Have you asked your Dad why hes having it?

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14-09-18, 13:19
My mom had one for a hernia in her stomach and yeah most of those are for benign things or minor illnesses and don't think instantly about the big C. It's done often in case of indigestion or pain or heartburn.

14-09-18, 14:19

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