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19-09-18, 19:08

I am 32 and for some years now have experienced muscle twitching all over my body. This has been for at least 3-4 years. However recently I feel it has got worse. It is constant all day every day and occurs all over the body. There is no one place it happens. It can be my legs, arms, abdominal area or even face.
Sometimes it occurs with pain. I am now seriously starting to worry about possible Motor Neurone Disease as I know this is one of the symptoms. I also am fatigued all the time.

Has anybody else experienced this? If so have you had any diagnosis of anything?

Thanks for listening

22-09-18, 17:50
I have these symptoms and this worry also. You just have to remind yourself that your symptoms are fuelled by anxiety. If you had a disease, you would have known it by now. In fact, after twitching starts, if you donít notice any profound weakness within the first 3 months, the twitching if just related to anxiety/BFS. Iíve been a twitcher for over a year now. Technically Iím stronger than ever, but yesterday I had an episode of particularly aggressive lip twitches almost right in the middle. First time Iíve felt it so strongly there. They went away. They will probably come back again. But itís just part of being a twitcher.

Fatigue, dizziness, perceived weakness, twitching, aching are all ways that anxiety can manifest itself. It seems unreal that it can do that, but itís 100% true and you must constant battle with your thoughts to keep them from fearing the worst. PM me if you need to chat.