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26-09-18, 20:05
I have been avoiding reading anything about the procedure because I'm scared out of my mind. The reason my gastro recommended one is because I've been having GERD symptoms for a year and voice problems since July 2nd. The results will take a week, has anyone here gotten one? how did you manage to wait for results. I'm scared out of my mind and my anxiety level is at peak level. My ent referred me to the gastro because there is nothing wrong in the vocal cords but I'm still having trouble with my voice, and silent reflux + globus sensation.

26-09-18, 20:10
I haven’t had one. I did have a scope but it didn’t go into my esophagus. It went through my nose to my voicebox.

Wouldn’t a CT scan be able to show something and not be as invasive?

26-09-18, 21:27
Thanks for your reply. This was my first time going to the GE and he said because of my symptoms(raspy voice, GERD and globus sensation) he wanted to do the procedure so I had peace of mind but I'm still very concerned. He used the word tumor as a possible cause and I basically haven't functioned well since, that was two days ago. I was lucky someone cancelled tomorrow and they gave me that appointment, I don't know how long I would have waited otherwise. my ENT looked down my throat with the flexible thingy they used and that didn't hurt(he sprayed my throat first of course) since I had no vocal cord injury he sent me to the GE. I will be out of there by 11am but I have to pick up my kids at school in the afternoon, I hope I'm not feeling that awful after.

27-09-18, 17:39
I just wanted to update my experience if anyone else is going through the same.
I got to the center and spoke to the nurse got me to fill out paperwork as always. She was really nice and got an iv started. Then the anesthesiologist came over and more paperwork was filled. then the nurse took me to the endoscopy room, put some oxygen on me and started a low dose of anesthesia it was very relaxing, they put a contraption in my mouth and I don't remeber anything else. There was no pain at all. The whole thing lasted about 30 minutes. after that the doctor came over and told me he had taken several biopsies but did not see anything cancerous, he gave a pre liminary report and I will get full results next week in his office. this is what it said:
-Duodenitis. Biopsied.
-Gastritis. Biopsied.
-Reflux esophagitis. Biopsied.
-Non-severe reflux esophagitis. Biopsied.
-Abnormal esophageal motility.

so of course I'm trying not to freak out with the word abnormal; I will just wait until next week for the full results and ask him why is it abnormal. For now I'll just rest for the remaining part of the day. I hope this helps anyone else going thru the same. Good luck everyone!

27-09-18, 21:52
I have had 4 (last 2 I had a botox injection in my stomach). They aren't bad at all. Motility disorders are not uncommon. I don't have an esophageal motility disorder but I do have a gastric motility disorder (gastroparesis). For me my stomach empties way too slow.

28-09-18, 18:47
Capercrohnj did the botox help you? I had no idea the idea digestive system could have motility problems, this was my first endoscope. I have a follow up appointment next week and I will have all the results so I will post them here.

04-10-18, 03:56
Having a follow up appointment tomorrow to get all the results, I've been using meditation to relax and it has been very helpful so hopefully tomorrow it will go well. fingers crossed :)

Update: all the results were normal no pre cancerous cells but he did find stomach acid up the middle of my esophagus. He recommended to watch for the stomach acid by not eating after 7pm, sleeping with chest elevated on pillows, just standard recommendations. No word on the abnormal motility and I didn't ask. I still get some muscle spasms but I'm almost sure it's related to the tremendous amount of stress I have been under for the past 3 years. I won't see a neurologist yet unless it gets pretty bad. So far epsom salt baths and meditation are helping me. Good luck to you all and God bless!

UPDATE: Muscle spasms went completely away I don't know what that was about.