View Full Version : Does buspar help palps?

30-09-18, 01:00
So, through diet and fasting I've seen huge changes lately.

However, i already have a bunch of Buspar on hand. (a years supply). i've never tried it, but since i have GAD, i thought maybe give it a go.

my primary hopes for the drug would be to alleviate even a little of the low-level-background-noise anxiety and more specifically to squash the palpitations i still get.

xanax kills them nearly 95% of the time.

wondering if anyone else has had palps and found that buspar stops them?

also, afraid to take buspar due to the (very rare) incidence of muscle twitches that are permanent (forget name).. maybe silly - but would suck if that happened. is this really even a threat?


30-09-18, 21:19
I donít think it helps palps. It helps me with anxiety a little .

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