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29-10-18, 08:14

Has anyone taken 2mg in one go? I am due to go on a long flight with the family in a few weeks and I need something that is not going to let me down. I do have a benzo tolerance as in 10mg diazepam or 2mg lorazepam doesnít make me tired at all but it doesnít stop the panic attacks. I have taken 1.5mg clonazepam before but still had breakthrough panic. My psych seems to think 2mg will do the trick and can take 2 a day but I donít want to go to 4mg clonazepam.

Any experiences will help

05-11-18, 00:35
I do not know how long you mean by "long flight". If the flight is 12 hours or more, then one dose of clonazepam may not last the entire time. You may have to take 2mg at the start and another 2mg if it wears off during the flight.

21-11-18, 01:37
I take 2mg Diazepam daily for the past few months for muscle spasms. It does not sedate me at all, I have a very high tolerance to all benzodiazepines. In the past I had to have a wisdom tooth extraction and I was given 15mg of Diazepam and I felt absolutely Nothing. They then gave me another 5mg tablet (20mg) total. And all I felt was a bit sleepy. 2mg Diazepam is known to be a very low dose and commonly used for tapering off purposes, muscle spasms and in elderly people.

24-12-18, 12:24
I've taken 2 MG for long flights before and it's helped me. It would do the trick for you. :)