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13-12-18, 18:17
Hi all,

I will be undergoing an upper endoscopy next Monday. I will be put to sleep while the check things inside to definitively rule cancer out from the list of possible candidate explanations of my symptoms. I am freaking out because I fear they will find something and my life will be over.

Things have been on a good roll over the last couple of months. I got married, we're about to close on our first home and my wife just landed her dream job which is going to be 5 minutes commute from our new home. All this good news has me very nervous because I feel like things are too good and this a show or two could drop. I'm just terrified right now.

16-12-18, 13:20
All the best for your procedure tomorrow. I had one a few weeks ago and was also under full anaesthetic for it. Hopefully the dr speaks to you straight after you wake to give indication and it’s good news.

I know how you feel re worrying when everything is going too well and you fear something bad will come along. This is exactly what happens to me, one of the contributing factors for my health anxiety flare ups.

16-12-18, 20:51
I see from your previous posts that youíve been through quite a lot of tests for this, and that nothing sinister has been found so far.
Donít worry about the endoscopy, itís fine if youíre sedated, and not too bad if youíre not.
Let us know how you get on.

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18-12-18, 02:48
Had the procedure and it went very smoothly. The preliminary report says everything looks fine but they did take some tissue samples for biopsy. Don't know what to make of that.