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10-01-19, 20:58
I have had a letter from the hospital dr saying my mri scan test results showed no significant abnormality. Does anyone know for sure what this means? The more I think about it means there is an abnormality but not what they suspected. Does anyone understand this for sure from their own experience. ? Thanks.

10-01-19, 21:00
It's normal. Nothing sinister. It's good news.

10-01-19, 21:23
They want to see me again though. That must mean there is something else they want to do?

10-01-19, 21:36
What was MRI for?

I agree that "No abnormality" is good news. Nothing of significance has been found and appointment could just be routine follow-up to explain this to you in person.

10-01-19, 23:10
" no significant abnormality" so they must have seen something. I still have lots of pain every day
. Its been going on 8 1/2 years .

11-01-19, 00:10
Whatever it is that they've 'seen', it obviously isn't significant.

You will have to find out what's going on if you've had pain for such a long time.

12-01-19, 02:34
KK77 I agree. That is what I have been trying to do for the past 8 1/2 years. I have had investigations and scans which have been repeated. I have paid for a private consultation as well as on nhs. Unfortunately , because the pain caused me anxiety and depression the
drs insist a) its due to health anxiety and/or b) its functional pain. Well yes I have anx and dep. because I have pain almost daily. . Last night I was sitting in a car park on my own crying due to the pain. There have been irregularities on 3 scans and on at least 6 blood tests. I keep insisting there is something physically wrong with me because there is, although the m.h.u. were intent on trying to convince me I have health anxiety. Well , yes I'm anxious about my health. With good reason.I am waiting for my next hospital appt at the general surgery clinic and want to be as prepared as possible. I was thinking that they may have found something on the scan which although might not seem too important on its own, may provide a missing piece of the puzzle. Possibly they think I may panic if they put in in the letter and solve the thing myself! I probably would to be honest, I'm in such a run down state.

12-01-19, 18:59
Busterrufus, I just wanted to recommend a very good book which may help you understand your chronic pain better..It's called "Coping Successfully With Pain" by Neville Shone.

13-01-19, 00:34
Pulisa, many thanks.I'll have a look for it.