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02-09-07, 15:02
Hello. Have been taking Seroxat for four years. Have successfully come off lots of tablets before but I just can't come off these tablets!! This is about my sixth attempt. My doctors are only allowing me one pack a month and are putting a lot of pressure on me to give them up. I know they mean well but I have had thirty years of severe anxiety and four years now of semi-normal living and I don't want to give it up!! The panic attacks and intrusive thoughts are back and the constant knot of fear in my stomach. Could anyone who has gradually tapered off them then stopped completely as i have in the last few days and then reached a decision stage of being free or going back on them please give me some advice?

02-09-07, 15:43
It is well recognised in medical circles that anti-depressants liked seroxat are addictive and coming off of them has to be done gradually. There should be reccomendations for coming off of seroxat by NICE. If you google NICE you should be able to find what you are looking for. The NICE guidelines are for GP's but as with so many other things GP's dont have the time to read the guidelines.
If you get no joy there a website called www.benzoisland.com (http://www.benzoisland.com) is useful. They give advice about tapering from different drugs one of them being seroxat. The Helen Ashton Manual gives a schedule. I have been folllowing the one for tapering from Temazepam and then will be joining you tapering from seroxat.
Hope this is helpful.
Good Luck
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02-09-07, 16:17
hi gemm

i have been on and off this tab for years (currently back on it) one thing that helped me gradually come off it was using the liquid form i took it down a mg every couple of weeks so the side effects were minimal.


02-09-07, 17:22
I also tried to come off these pills and alas couldn't do it :mad: . I recall feelings of rage and my ocd came back full force so I went back on them. At the time I never knew, nor did my doctor tell me, that there was a liquid version to help wean me off this medication.

I have had anxiety and ocd all my life and for now feel like staying on the medication. For me personally, it is the best choice.

I wish you success in going off this medication.



03-09-07, 07:02
same for me i ended up on the liquid form i was being brought off them about a gramm at a time. one thing i do remember helping was nibbling on something helped relieve certain feelings.

other than that persevere trust me its worth it.

03-09-07, 14:51
I think its important to come off of seroxat slowly because it can have some bad side effects but not for everyone, so dont worry..I was on it for awhile and it was not the medication for me but take your docs advice and go slowly with it

take care