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22-01-19, 03:06
Hi, everyone! I’ve had Health Anxiety for a while. I was put on Klonopin 0.5mg 2x daily earlier this year. I stopped cold turkey after 3 weeks of use back in March with no big issues. Well this go around I used it for about 10 weeks and stepped down to 0.5mg before bed for about a week and then nothing. That was 7 days ago when I stopped and I’ve developed restless legs, brain fog, headache, Paresthesia, cloni jerking, etc. I’m starting to think I may have MS though as I’ve had these issues before. Anyone else ever taper of Klonopin?

*Update* woke up this morning startled... whole body was SUPER tense and I honestly thought there was someone in the house! Is there any way this could just be from the Klonopin withdrawal?

22-01-19, 09:38

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04-02-19, 01:47
Hello trheiress0305,

It is hard to say whether your symptoms are due to clonazepam withdrawal. It could also be your anxiety coming back without medication. Did your doctor tell you to stop clonazepam?

I have used clonazepam a few times when starting citalopram to ease the side effects, tapering off after citalopram kicks in. After being on clonazepam for10 weeks, it is important to taper slowly over several weeks, going down to 0.5mg to 0.25mg.