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31-01-19, 19:45
Hello. I'm an older lady, over 65, with seriously bad ptsd that's been going on with not much respite for over 4 years. Is there a section on here to help with this please? Thanks

31-01-19, 19:50


We don't have a specific forum for PTSD but feel free to post in MISC maybe

31-01-19, 19:50
Hiya sarahnotbikinibod and welcome to NMP :welcome:

Why not take a look at our articles on our home page, they contain a wealth of information and are a great starting place for your time on the forum.

I hope you find the as site helpful and informative as I have and that you get the help and support you need here and hope that you meet a few friends along the way :yesyes:

25-02-19, 23:53
Hi there..
I also have PTSD, since 2014.

I haven't been on this site in over a decade.
And I typed in PTSD and there is nothing!
PTSD is mental health also, my question is why isn't there threads on helping ?

07-04-19, 23:11
We have our own section of the forum now so hopefully we could support each other. X x