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14-01-05, 19:50
hi i was wondering if you can tell me if fluoxetine hydrochloride is PROZAC cause my father inlaw is taking this med and he says its not . he said his gp put him on PROZAC which made him ill. so they changed him to fluoxetine instead. im very confused cause ive been perscribed fluox and i am abit concerned taking it if it is PROZAC.

14-01-05, 20:15

Yes it is Prozac - see this link http://www.healthsquare.com/newrx/PRO1362.HTM

Prozac is one of the better tolerated meds to take - I was on it about 7 years ago for about 9 months.

What are your concerns with it?


14-01-05, 21:22
hi nicola my concerns with prozac is that i read some where that it caused people to commit suicide and make people violent. is it safe to use and did you have any bad side effects.

14-01-05, 21:56

The side effects were very minimal as far as I can remember. Definitely not one that made me want to commit suicide. Also I came off it by just stopping and I am sure Meg will agree with me that there aren't many meds that you can do this with. I just felt a bit dizzy for 2 weeks but no worse atall.

It never cured my panic but certainly sorted out my depression.

It is a very good drug for depression and loads on here are on it. I can dig out some previous posts if that will help you?


14-01-05, 22:35
thanks nicola that will be great at least now you have put my mind at rest thanks alot.

14-01-05, 23:46
Hi Tracy,

SSRI's in general of which Prozac is one of about 8 have all had bad press recently.

Seroxat is the one that I would avoid starting on - if you're already on it and its working for you then great -but it can be very difficult coming off it .

Prozac also has had bad press from the tabloids and Daily Mail but when you look at the data carefully - its not too bad compared with Seroxat.

Many people like Nic can come off Prozac easily with no issues at all but it is worth tapering off over a couple of weeks just to make life easier for yourself.


You cannot conquer fear until you have learned what it is you're afraid of. The enemy is ignorance. Vivian Vance

15-01-05, 11:48
hi Meg that was what i was trying to explain about . i was in seroxet years ago but for only 1 week but they didnt make me feel any different . i remember seeing that on the news, but i had also heard about prozac. i didnt realise till i had my persription yesterday that it was prozac as my gp called them fluoxetine, then when i looked it up on the net it came out as prozac which then i got abit concerned cause they were connected with mood swings and suicides. i was taking prothidan for 6yrs but they dont seem to be helping. also i recently had to have my cat of 14yrs put to sleep which brought on my depression so she decided to try me on another med to help me . so basically i have started taking one today to see how i get on with them. i have to see her again in 3 weeks to see how i am ,im still taking my prothiden 2 at night to gradually ween down off them.. basically if they lift the depression all well and good my father inlaw is on them since his son died 3yrs ago and he as been ok on them so i will just have to wait and see how things pan out. i dont like taking drugs thats the trouble dont think anybody does but when you hear that they have been in the press its a bit scarey to wether you are doing the right thing...

15-01-05, 15:25

It is normal for you to feel a bit more on edge or sad initially before they kick in and that they may not kick in for 4 weeks or so ... This is normal so doing 1 week and making a decision is no use at all.
If you're going to take them it needs to be for at least a month to give them a chance to work correctly.

Sorry to hear about your cat. You may be feeling sad and need to express grief about your cat and so please do have a good cry and get out for some walks - prozac will not get your over this loss or skip the grieveing process- but may make you feel better whilst you are taking it.

** Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
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Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.... **


You cannot conquer fear until you have learned what it is you're afraid of. The enemy is ignorance. Vivian Vance

15-01-05, 16:10
hi tracy. I was on prozac for about 4 weeks and had no bad effects at all. i suffer more with anxiety and phobia than depression and lots of people siad they worked well for depression but not so much for anxiet, so i asked doc to change them. anyway i had no bad side effects from them. Take care. Vernon

15-01-05, 16:29
hi vernon good to hear from you thanks for letting me know how you got on with prozac its a relief to hear there was no bad side effects. i myself suffer more with anxiety but because i had to have my cat put to sleep i have been grieveing since he's been gone just before xmas. it sort of brought out the old symptoms again ,ive been doing really well till my cat became poorly and having to make the decsision of having put to sleep didnt help and since then i have been racked with guilt,but deep inside i had no choice i couldnt se him suffer anymore. i miss him hell of alot and thats why i am so down i had him 14yrs since i was married he was family. i know it will ease in time ive lost a lot of people as well over the years and now ive come to terms with it. anyway thanks for letting me know it is much appreciated.
best wishes tracy

15-01-05, 19:55
hi all i have decided just to stay on the med i was on before prothidan as ive been on it for 4 /5 yrs instead of the prozac i dont think it will help me the anxiety only the depression and the reason i feel depressed is because of my cat. i have anxiety more not the depression which i need more help with does anyone know of a pick me up i could use to help me feel abit better in myself any tonics or what ever that some one as used that helped them . anyway thanks all for your surport over the medication i was asking about .
best wishes tracy

16-01-05, 14:27

So sorry about the cat - I would be devastated too if one of my 3 died or had to be put down.

Are you on any supplements at the moment - Vitamin B complex for example.

I know it sounds obvious but make sure you are eating lots of fresh fruit and veg and drinking lots of water.

You could also do something to make you feel better in yourself. What about a lovely massage or a facial and make-up session.

If all else fails then get the credit cards out and go and treat yourself to a new outfit.

Sometimes just looking better can brighten you up.

I hope the grief gets better soon for you.


21-01-05, 20:21
hi nicola thanks for replyknow i havent been taking any supplements but i have just bought some seven seas tonic which as helped me before. the depression as finally lifted which good , it was awful but with that now lifted i feel abit better. i'm sort of having problems now with my head feeling strange it feels like my head is spinning now the depression lifted it sort of brought out the anxiety and my body feels all shakey and when i'm on the move it seems worse. when ive been out i have been feeling out of sorts. i keep wondering wether there is something wrong with my head or is it to do with the anxiety thats in my body? . i feel quite scared really i get really irratable with it and moody.
also have you found anyways to calm the mind down?.
cheers tracy

22-01-05, 17:36
Hi Tracy

I am glad that you are feeling a bit better now.

I used to feel dizzy a lot and it went on for months on end and was quite scary.

It went in time once I learned to do breathing exercises and relax.

To calm the mind you need to try and find some time to lay quietly on the bed or sofa and listen to some relaxing music. If you find your mind wandering then get yourself a good relaxation CD as that will guide you through deep relaxation and you will be concentrating on the spoken words.

You could try reading a book as well, though I am not a great reader to be honest. I never seem to find time to just sit and read.

I hope things pick up for you soon.


23-01-05, 16:38
i have heard the people whom are more likely 2 feel suicidal on it in the first couple of weeks are adolences. this still is very rare. i didnt have a problem on it

23-01-05, 18:59
hope symtoms soon go tcXXX

04-02-05, 16:09
HI, people. The thing about the seroxat and other SSRI's getting bad press was a very grey area. The cases that were brought to light could have been a couple of cases out of the millions of people who are prescribed this drug and benefit greatly from it. The findings that have recently been publisised say that these drugs work alot better for people over the age of 30. Teens from the age of 15 all the way up to 25 were what they called the higher risk for suicidal thoughts. In the past 36 months, i have been offered Effexor and Seroxat and declined both. Personally i like to go down the exercise and natural remedy route. Its all a personal preference

04-02-05, 17:57
I am now down to one 1mg tablet of Lorazepam a day.

Well done me, and thanks to you guys for the support.

24-03-05, 16:22
My doctor kwikly prescribed me prozac when i told him about my panic attacks, i hesitantly took it, but for me, which i know is a possible side effect at worse, my panic attacks started happening when i was sleeping and they were the worse they had ever been, after 3 days, i did not want to go thru that anymore. I quit. I just couldn't handle that going on for more time than that, even if it was for 2 weeks. I will find other ways to handle my anxiety. I am not depressed, at least i don't think so (except after i have a bout of panic attacks for a few days after) so, i don't see much need to stick it out. I still haven't seen a "real" doctor about my problem. IT was my ob/gyn who put me on the prozac.


24-03-05, 17:43
hi tappy i think maybe if you go see your doctor he might give you some thing that agrees with you more or can at least change your dose if the effects become too much

fan x

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