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13-02-19, 19:23
Hi, I know no one here can translate mri results but today I got my mri report I had done last April for headaches. Everything was described as normal but one sentence as stuck out to me and Iím in one hell of a panic and I canít control my breathing Iím so scared, itís says
ďNo significant abnormalities found in grey and white matterĒ

Now to mean that would me they did find something but it was relevant to headaches which is what I was refered for! And why would they not say normal like the other sections!

The thing Iím worried about at the moment is tingling and the fact it realates to MS, now i have this report Iím thinking that if I was refered for tingling in particular then this no significant abnormalities could actually be significant!! Iím in an absolute spin now, I googled grey and white matter and low and behold it came up with it being to do with sensory things. Iím so scared!

13-02-19, 19:34

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13-02-19, 19:35
It actually said that nothing was wrong within your brain, though! The brain is composed of grey and white matter.

13-02-19, 19:35
April last year?

You would have been told if there was a problem. The lingo is how they report things so nothing sinister.

13-02-19, 19:46
Yeh bit odd I know but the MRI was for a chronic headache condition I have, so the referal said due to headaches. Iv had the tingling in my right side for 2 years but as I was having servere headaches at the time this was kind of shadowed, the tingling went bit in the last week come back.

It was said by my DR if it was something like MS it would of shown on the MRI so my MRI report was pulled up from last year to read, I havnt seen it before was just told normal over the phone in regards to the headaches. Now this sentence really struck of to me as I keep thinking maybe if I was refered solely for tingling then this may of mattered, it just seems a really strange was to write something no significant abnormalities, and why they didn’t just put normal findings.

13-02-19, 19:47
Because the brain is composed entirely of grey and white matter, and they didn't find anything wrong with either.

13-02-19, 19:54
Thank you for replying,
It’s horrible I just analyse everything this will sit with me now, I’m so upset...
When I first read it I though “nothing significant to report” meaning nothing was found everything looks ok.

But when the word abnormalities played on me if it said no abnormalities found in grey and white matter it would be ok but why use of the word significant...I don’t understand it’s just very vague and obviously jointing the dots with google saying where and grey matter would be where the senses come from and me tingling it’s floored me!

13-02-19, 19:57
The opposite of abnormal is normal, though. The report states categorically that there's nothing wrong.

13-02-19, 20:14
I'd have to dig out my files and double-check, but I'm 99% sure that exact line was on my brain MRI results. It is the normal report.

What's telling here is that your mind took what is a clear result and decided to turn it into something scary.

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13-02-19, 20:21
I think what Iím really thinking or asking is, if a leasion was found on the scan would it of definitely been reported, even if it was small or ďnon significantĒ to my headaches. Iím not a Dr and I know none of us on here are but does anyone know if that would be something that would have to be reported on?

13-02-19, 20:32
I know, I can now see why we are not given these reports and just told if they are clear or not clear!!

Yeh the significant it what’s bothering me does it mean significant to the reason of referral or not significant just in the slightest as in there’s nothing to be seen!

All I can think is if tingling was written down there they’d be like “oh actually there is something there that could explain that” or even if tingling was written down would it still of said “non significant abnormalities”

My head is spinning!!

13-02-19, 20:37
if a leasion was found on the scan would it of definitely been reported, even if it was small or ďnon significantĒ to my headaches.

Well, lets look at it this way - if a lesion was seen, or a blockage, or any other abnormality then they wouldn't be able to determine if it was related to your headaches or not. The scan records abnormalities of any sort. So, their job when doing the scan is to report anything that appears abnormal in the brain structure, then the consultant can make the judgement on if it might be causing the headaches. My mother had a brain MRI last year and there were a few abnormalities commented on, they were listed and then the report went to the consultant and they determined what those abnormalities were. So, yes, any abnormality would be reported, even if small. The relevance to your headaches I'm sure wouldn't be an issue, they are just looking for anything abnormal. Does this make sense? I know what I mean lol

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Mammograms often give the result as 'satisfactory', and the first time this made me think - what does that mean? I want NOTHING there, or CLEAR. Satisfactory means acceptable, but not 'perfect'. lol

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Everything was described as normal

Your MRI was clear. :yesyes:

13-02-19, 20:40
You know what out of everyone Iv spoken to you have actually made sense, surly it would be up to the consultant to make the decision (if there was something found) if it was concerning or not and not the radiologist who wrote the report, itís obviously his job to put what ever he had found down small or little then my dr would have to decode the next course of action?

What bothers me a little is I paid private for this scan and the report went to my GP who just read the last sentence out when I phone for the initial result which was ďnormal studyĒ The neurologist Iv seen since hasnít even seen the scans I donít know if heís seen the report o was just refered Iím not sure if my god sent the report to him, agh so many questions!!

13-02-19, 20:48
Yep, radiologists look very carefully and skillfully find ANYTHING that is abnormal. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have a piece of paper saying 'this person has headaches, can you see anything relevant'? That would bias the MRI scan reporting. It really is the standard wording you have there fore a brain scan which shows nothing wrong and you are a 'normal study'.

13-02-19, 21:25
If this was 10 months ago how come you are worrying about it now?

13-02-19, 22:19
If this was 10 months ago how come you are worrying about it now?

If you see the above comments it because I had tingling down my right side for a year I was worried about MS then but out of no where I developed a chronic headache condition and the MS tingling even though still present wasn’t the forefront of my mind because I was in so much pain everyday with my head, the tingling eventually went for around 6/7 months aswell. I had the MRI because of the headache solely. Iv been diagnosed with a headache condition by a neurologist which is now under control. Well for the past week or so the tingling is back so I went to the gp, this is when my MRI was pulled back up, as she said you had an mri back in April last year something would of been relevant on that mri as you had this tingling back then also, this is now where I am as Iv now read the actual report that was given to the gp by the radiologist