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17-01-05, 12:56
Hi there.
i have been away for a while i have just go over bornholmes desise.
any way i have ocd and i have been told i have painc attacks aswell[Duh!]
i have been getting real bad palpataions .
Does anyone know of a herbal remady for palpatations.

Angie@frosts.ath.cx- new e-mail [8D]

Ivor screwloose
17-01-05, 13:27
Dear Angie
It's ok, try to control your breathing and calm your mind, we all know how hard it can be and we also know it's easier said than done.
For me different things work on different days, if your up to going for a walk that sometimes works FOR ME, or some chillout tunes that you really like with some lavender oil burning.
I have had anxiety all my life and I'm 37 now, Don't tell anyone, and I can assure you that there is plenty worth living for even if it doesn't feel like it right now.
Just hang in there I'm about all day if you want to, drop me an email but I'm sure there will plenty more advice heading your way that will make you feel better.

Kindest wishes Ivor screwloose


17-01-05, 19:34
Hi Angie

Long time no see - how are things going?

I don't know of any specific herbal remedies for palpitations - relaxation is probably the best thing. Have you got any good relaxation CD's.

What have you been doing since we last saw you then? How is the OCD going and are you coping alone better now?


24-02-05, 11:51
Hi everyone.
Does anyone know a little more about palpitations? I have suffered with them since I was young but they have never lasted long so I never had the need to worry. However I was admitted to A&E after I had them for 1/2. It didn't stop until an hour later. Just stopped of it own accord. Normally I just relax, concentrate on my breathing and raised my legs. This normally works. However it didn't this time.
Doc's was quite concerned as I reached 200 beats per min!! Once it returned to normal and they observed me for a few hours they sent me on my way! Now I have to wait for an expert in the area to look into my case.

I'm also concerned as in May this year I'm doing a charity trek in Mexico which will involved high altitudes!

Hope all is as good as can be!


Chris X
27-02-05, 23:27
Hi Angie, i hope you are feeling better. I get palpitations on and off sometimes they can last for a few minutes sometimes hours. I have in the past had them for a month which was constant and became a complete nightmare as i had been to the doctors and a&e many times. The palpitations were irregular and i was convinced there was something wrong with my heart even though id had ecg's on serveral occasions.
It was only when i accepted they part of the anxiety symptoms and although very frightening i slowly convinced myself it was normal to have them considering i had tottally stressed myself out about them and had become fixated about the whole thing.
I know propanalol helps abit as it slows the heartrate down alittle but at the end of the day its down to you to learn and relax as i found that was the answer. As soon as i learnt to relax they slowly dissapeared to my relief. I sometimes get them on the odd occasion but as long as you know they mean nothing they dissapear with relaxation.
ps i use relaxation tapes to help me unwind. I hope ive helped abit, best of luck, Chris.

28-02-05, 10:34

Hope you are feeling better

Chill out

Elaine x

20-04-05, 03:52
Hi Angie,

I have also had problems with racing heart...my heart rate was constantly at about 100 for almost 2 months. I definitely understand how scary it feels, and how much it can worry you. Now I have realized that focusing on it makes it worse, or just thinking about my heart can bring my heartrate up. I found that breathing exercises makes it worse (but this is just me, it may be worth a try for you).
What has been helping is distracting myself with another sensation so that I don't focus on my heart...putting my hand on my boyfriend's chest so I can feel his normal heartrate works wonders for me (or listening to his heart works as well). This is also silly, but I have this furry teddy bear, and I find that stroking it and feeling the fuzziness also helps distract me. Don't know if this will help you, but just thought I'd pass along tricks that have worked for me.
Just a little note about propranalol which someone mentioned: its fantastic for presentations etc (short-term, occassional use), but if you start using it regularly, it can actually worsen the rapid heartbeat when you don't take it...this I learned from experience


25-05-05, 17:01
Hi Angie

I used to suffer from really bad heart palpitations. The worst time was when I was rushed to hospital as my heart rate was going at about 3 times it should be for 7 hours. The doctors did masses of tests, put me on medication...nothing helped and they couldn't find anything wrong. Anyway, I later went to a natural therapist who discovered I was intolerant to a number of foods, including wheat and yeast. I stopped eating them - and the palpitations went away. I know it is the cause of the problem as they come back when I eat to many yeasty products. I don't know whether this is what is causing your symptoms - but it might be worth a thought to get yourself checked?

Hope this helps...


12-06-05, 09:39
Yeah there is a great natural remedy for heart palpitations. Only know the latin word, crataegus oxyacantha cause i'm dutch and know the dutch name.
You can use it in tablets but it is also a very nice tea, 3 cups a day should do a lot. You can take it the rest of your life cause it has no side effects.

And meditation/relaxation is also very helpfull.

Two heads
11-03-06, 11:37
HI!I have had palpatations more lately and they have scared me.Ionly normally get them when im in panick mode, but i dont no if meds have made them a little worse.I have been takeing citalopram for just over aweek.Doctor doesnt seem to be worrying.Maybe i had them all the time but my anxiety has heighted this week and im really noticeing them mainly when i lay down all begin to rest.

13-05-06, 12:18
I just want to make sure i communicate a distinction between two different things as explained to me:

There are real heart palpitations which can be a sign of a few different ailments (i think arrthimia is one, and there are 'tachycardia' or some others)

There is a 'Panic/Anxiety attack' sensation which mimics or 'tricks' people into thinking their heart is 'skipping a beat/s'

This latter sensation of a heart 'Palpitation' (and we all seem to use that term) is caused by a few things that happen during a 'fight or flight' panic attack:
- Your heart rate is increasing
- The muscles around your rib cage are tightening (which is around your chest) and they are 'fluttering'.
- Your stomach is (more or less) just below your heart and having blood drawn out (and to the limbs and pectorals) and is undoubtedly shaking, twitching or 'having butterflies' as we say.

This rather wicked little combination of spasms, twitches, butterflies and tightening combined with a racing heart can often convince people that their heart is 'missing beats' or 'skipping beats' or you are having 'heart palpitations'.

I have to believe its possible some poor individual out there is suffering from both at the same time (probably has real Arrhythmia and then 'panics' when it kicks in) so its not an 'either/or' situation..


IF you have been to a doctor and had the appropriate tests and its not showing any real physical signs of a real heart condition then you might want to consider its a panic attack sensation you are misinterpreting.
(I can tell you I was definately convinced it was a real 'skipped beat' in my case)

One thing to consider is just exactly when your feeling the 'missed beats'?
Is it when you are anxious and/or having a panic attack?
Then its probably (ask your doc) the 'illusion' or 'sensation' of a missed beat.

If it happens when you are feeling very relaxed or during a moment when you were not anxious or seemingly 'random' times then that is more like an actual heart condition.

Interestingly, that same combination of tightened chest, 'quivering pectorals', 'butterflies in the stomach' can also give panic attack sufferers the sensation their heart is 'RACING like MAD'.... when its not actually going much more than 70-80. (which is rapid yes but not 'bursting out of our chest' speed we think it feels like)

Im going in for a phsyical but its really interesting that i was convinced my blood pressure was 'sky high' but in two tests (and im nervous at docs office too) my blood pressure was described as absolutely perfect.
Not sure what it would read in an actual panic attack though heh.

06-06-09, 11:27
do u have heart beating fast with light headedness what should i do? i am scared it lasts 2 days till now. i am so afraid o move

14-07-09, 10:07
Hi there.
i have been away for a while i have just go over bornholmes desise.
any way i have ocd and i have been told i have painc attacks aswell[Duh!]
i have been getting real bad palpataions .
Does anyone know of a herbal remady for palpatations.

Angie@frosts.ath.cx- new e-mail [8D]
bach rescue remedy. is good. its like a little bit of support, in a bottle. you put in on your tounge. there are other flower remedys. that you can use as a preventive. using that and try breathing through your nose out through your mouth, works for me, hope