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06-09-07, 18:07
Ive just started taking diazepam 3 days ago and now if i go 15-20 hours without taking one i start to shake sweat and feel all light headed until i take another one and then i feel fine again does anyone no why this is please

06-09-07, 18:36

Those symptoms are anxiety and diazepam will calm you down so when you aren't taking it you are getting anxiety feelings.

You have to be careful you don't become dependant on it however as it can take a long time to come off it again!

06-09-07, 19:05
I totally agree. They do keep your anxiety down and in the beginging they do you the world of good ............... but a word of warning.

These meds are meant to be taken for short term (no longer than 4 weeks) my Dr left me on them 9 years and i am well and truly addicted.

Although at first they were a life saver to me they have now ruined my life so i beg you please be careful:blush:

06-09-07, 19:33
ok thanx guys can u take painkillers with them as i have an awful toothache

06-09-07, 19:37
Yes you can that is fine.

06-09-07, 21:38
Ive just started taking diazepam 3 days ago and now if i go 15-20 hours without taking one i start to shake sweat and feel all light headed until i take another one and then i feel fine again does anyone no why this is please

The med is wearing off and your anxiety symptoms are returning.
I agree with what the others say, only use a valium if the symptoms of your anxiety are unbearable.

06-09-07, 23:37
my gp gave me 5mg tablets i took 4 the first day 1 the second day and today i cut one in half and just took the half how much dosage and over how much time is required to become addicted to them

07-09-07, 07:45
Hi gareth

As you can see by my above post i am addited to these meds.

if you take them now and again you'll be fine, i had to take 15mg daily and it would take about 2 months if not less to become addicted to these when taking that dose each day.
(thats what a gp told me, after i had been on em years, they are one of the most addictive meds you can take):lac:

07-09-07, 11:14
hey Nanny,i have to ask ..do you get physical withdrawal symptoms or is it more psycological?I have to ask as i have been prescribed them for 19 years :ohmy: if i dont take them it does not bother me one jot..i simply take them as reqiured and not on a n hourly or daily basis.I did when all this started ,needed then to calm my awful panic atacks but as they have lessened so has the medication. i think i must be a minority tho..:flowers: Love Paddie.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ma Larkin
07-09-07, 14:28
I agree with Paddington. When I first started taking Diazepam I would completely freak out if I didn't take them regularly, whereas now I take them as and when needed. You can take them with your meds and painkillers which is great because they do really work, but they are highly addictive like others have said and should only be taken for a month at a time. I find that Rescue Remedy works just as well as Diazepam for me, but I know we are all different, but I truly think that Diazepam for a long time with me was my comfort blanket so to speak, whereas now it's my long term remedy to cope with an odd panic attack as my meds (Prozac) seem to have calmed the attacks down.

Les xx

07-09-07, 14:37
Am I the only one Valium etc doesnt work for??? Doesnt seem to care the jitters at all.

Love Joy

07-09-07, 14:50
Hi Paddie

if you have taken them for years but only on a on off basis then you should be able to stop em if and when you like with no withdrawel symptoms. It's only if you have been taking em on a daily 2/3 times a day basis. The doctor said this is dangerous to just stop them both menatlly and physically, hope this answers your Question for you :)

Joy, i have never known anyone who diazepam doesn't work for, but we are all different. What were you prescribed them for and what dosage wee you given :)

07-09-07, 16:47
i was prescribed them for anxiety and then Lorazapam which is erratic to say the least.
Think the Valium was 5mg and the loraz is 1mg as needed.

At the moment I am experiencing start up effects of Venlafaxine which increases anxiety. just what i dont need!!!

I try only one half of loraz as I am frightened of getting addicted, that doesnt work, and when I am brave i take a whole one which sometimes works and sometimes doesnt. Maybe 1 1/2 would work!!!!

Love Joy

07-09-07, 16:55
Woke up today had been about 15 hours since the last valium started to get the shakes again but thought no im not giving in again so went and layed down within 2 hours the feelings had gone and its been over 24 hours since my last tablet so fingers crossed ive managed to win the mind over matter battle

10-09-07, 18:58
Great news Gareth :yesyes:

let us know how you continue to get on

10-09-07, 19:30
I have been on them for 4 years and I too take one well half as needed.

The benzo site has loads of info.

love fly x

10-09-07, 19:35
I think i had better take a look at that info Fly, i have been on em 9 years can't cut down anymore than i have and need all the help i can get:blush:

10-09-07, 19:40
Hey folks,

I'm currently being given 6 x 5mgs of diazepam per week to use as required. I find it is the only thing that shifts my anxiety and makes me feel near 100%. I usually find 1/2 to one tablet in the afternoon if I'm feeling anx does the trick.

Is that a safe amount to take without becoming dependant / addicted?


10-09-07, 19:47
Hi Jimbo

I should think that is no problem at all taking that dose.
My sister takes them as and when needed and she's fine.
The only reason i am addicted is because i was having very bad panic attacks, hyperventilating etc etc which went on for months and that was the only thing the dr said would help. well, i was only meant to be on them for 4 weeks max but i was left on them much much longer, now my dr said it's too dangerous to just take me off, we will have to cut down really slowly and it will take years to come off the last tablet.

So i wouldn't worry about your dose honestly i wouldn't:)

10-09-07, 19:52
Hi,I was taking 2 a day before nanny but after reading the info about valium toxicity I figured it would be easier to take half as required and so when the time comes,stopping will be easier.
Its just I got such bad nerves theyre my lifeline lol.
I need my "hit".:blush:

good luck:hugs:
love fly x

10-09-07, 20:24
My GP prescribed me Diazepam 4 weeks ago. I was in such a state with anxiety that i was on 30 mg a day.
I took this dosage for 2 weeks and then he said that was enough. I have had terrible trouble coming off them after being on such a high dose. I have been put on them a couple of times before and have had the same trouble. I have a friend who is a nurse and she says they are one of the most addictive medecines out there.
All I can say is to please be carefull when using this medication. In my experience the effects of not taking it have caused me more emotional distress then before I started taking it. I know there are very good reasons for taking it but there is also a down side to Diazepam.
Hope this helps

10-09-07, 20:57
ive taken no valium at all since last friday.The first 24 hours were a nightmare my body just seemed to crave it just like it did when i gave up smoking.I feel fine now though and when i get anxious i just chill out and listen to sum music until it passes

11-09-07, 15:59
well its been a nearly a week since my last tablet and ive come on so well even managing to play a football match however after a massive panic attack last night which i still didnt take one i woke up this morning with numbness in my face. when i went to pick my kids up from school bang panic hit me like a thunderbolt i completley freaked out thought i was dying and had to leave my kids with a friend and run home to take a valium now i feel like ive let myself down and am back to square one

11-09-07, 19:34
Hi Gareth

you haven't let yourself down, you've just had a blip.
you have been doing really well, perhaps a little too well? and you got a bit complacent.
Sounds like you had a one off panic attack so you took a tab to settle you down. Don't feel let down, you'll get there:yesyes:

11-09-07, 19:57

Can I merge this with your longer post about it so we keep it all together?



11-09-07, 22:27
course u can nic whatever makes life easier for u

11-09-07, 22:40
Ok all merged - cheers