View Full Version : Quetiapine - Did i not give it long enough??

19-03-19, 14:24
Hi all I was on Quetiapine and it really helped with my thoughts. Trouble is, it reversed the effects of my AD (Citalropram) and also kept me awake all night. I was on it for about a month if i remember... Did i not give it a chance? It was really helpful when i had worries in my mind as it was almost impossible to actually concentrate on them.

I'm in a rough place right now and I'm wondering if i should try again and see if the side effects disappear if i give it a better chance?? The return of panic attacks on it was the big one. I can't function at all.

24-03-19, 22:47
I personally think it’s a terrible drug. It has made me numb for over three years. Helps sleep though.
Suggest Google Dr Joanna Moncrieff and listen to her y tubes. She has researched thousands of papers and shown that it has no therapeutic value. The trials showing it’s ineffectivity we’re shelved by parent company @alegedly.
I hope you feel better soon.
I am retired so suggest you do some homework and return to Gp
Best w