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20-03-19, 06:33
6 days ago I started 75 mg Retard/Extended release and Iím shaking like a leaf + am anxious. I get it for anxiety. Are these normal start up side effects?

03-04-19, 14:13
Hi Maria
I have been on a v low dose of clomipramine for 5 years (20mg) however in last few months the anxiety has gone through the roof. I have upped slowly to last 2 days at 80mg and I feel dreaadful, sickly anxious nervous, in fact all the things I was feeling a few months ago. My Mood is a little better but I feel own because I am so anxious and I don't want to talk to people (which is not me). I am going to try to stick it out but it is hard. How are you getting on?

06-04-19, 09:34
Are you in the Facebook group? I find this easier than here as I donít get notification emails 🤷🏻*♀️

06-04-19, 10:55
Hi Maria11112

I have sent you a private message on here to see if we can ook up on FB. :)

19-04-19, 20:57
Hi, I am switching tonight from 75mgs of amitriptyline to 50 mgs of Clomipramine what are the side effects taken it for intrusive thoughts. Any guidance would be appreciated

19-04-19, 21:04
Hi Will
I am currently weaning off clomipramine onto sertraline, however the only side effect I ever got from clom was constipation and to be honest I was glad as anxiety had me on the toilet! It was a long time ago when I went on it, so I think Maria1111 would be the best person to ask. She has also started a Facebook page for clomipramine support - although there aren't many of us about!

19-04-19, 21:13
How do I get on the Facebook page starting Clomipramine tonight at 50 mgs switching from 75 mgs amitriptyline

19-04-19, 21:30
The page link is

Don't be afraid to take it. If you are already on a TCA, then I shouldn't think that the new one will be tremendously different for side effects, but I am not an expert!